Tuesday, November 28, 2006

RUMOUR: Ivan de la Pena New York Bound

With so much emphasis being placed on the likes of Reyna, Beckham, Figo, and Ronaldo making moves to Red Bul I am hearing some discussion that the powers at be at Red Bull in Europe are seriously interested in convincing Ivan De La Pena to leave Espanyol for a glitzy move to New York. And yes re-uniting Ronaldo with his long lost play maker is the goal. That said I'm not all that convinced that big names will solve problems for any one team in MLS. Especially the likes of fragile players like Ronaldo. Yet if De La Pena actually comes to America and brings his "A"game and attitude, he will be the sort of player that will elevate the play of young domestic players in the same manner that ex-MLSers Valderamma, Etcheverry, Stoitchkov, Cienfuegos, Donadoni, Nowak, Preki (and that has been missing in recent years) did in the leagues formative years. Moreover, De La Pena has that bulldog attitude that can make him a huge success in America. His loyalty for Espanyol however may be too much for the Spanish International to contemplate a move abroad (he has been rumored to be working out a deal to end his career in Barcelona with Espanyol) . Interesting nonetheless.

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Didier said...

its gone be like old baseball players do a end of career in Japan.

see the New europeen Youth here