Wednesday, February 28, 2007


According to Soccer America, US International Robbie Rogers will return from Dutch side Heerenveen and placed in a weighted lottery where interested teams will have the opportunity to acquire his MLS rights. According to Soccer America magazine, Toronto FC being an expansion team, will have the greatest probability in securing his services if they decide to enter the lottery. Rogers, who left the University of Maryland in the NCAA ranks early to sign in Europe, would most probably count as a Youth International in Toronto. If TFC enters and wins the lottery for Rogers, he would join University of Maryland alumni Maurice Edu, the first overall draft pick in the MLS draft this year, and Toronto goalkeeper coach Carmine Isacco. While Toronto FC look stacked at the forward position, with three American Internationals highlighting an impressive list that includes: Alecko Eskandarian, Edson Buddle, and Conor Casey, as well as two young players Mo Johnston is extremely high on - Abbe Ibrahim from Togo, and Canadian Andrea Lombardo who has recently returned from the Italian leagues. I would suggest that it would be odd for Toronto to make another play for a forward, unless of course Sir Mo is looking to wheel and deal.


Dean McNulty of the Toronto Sun provides an update on the Conor Casey situation this morning. The Sun also reports that Toronto FC draft pick and former University of Rhode Island product Jeff Gonsalves, is back training with the team at the University of Toronto. Abbe Ibrahim is not with the team as he is having immigration problems.

By tomorrow (March 1st), all MLS teams must have ensured that current player rosters conform to league rules and the salary cap restrictions. That is, a maximum of 28 players on the roster, with contracts not to exceed the salary cap, estimated to be around $2.1 million. The aforementioned deadline does not effect Toronto as much as it would a more established MLS team. Toronto FC is still slowly building their roster, and have plenty of salary cap room to spare by all accounts. MLS teams can continue to sign and bring in players on trial for the remainder of the pre-season. Tomorrow's deadline serves primarily as a first check towards salary cap compliance. The Official Toronto FC website has added both Richard Asante and Andrew Boyens to its official roster page. The MLS transfer window closes on April 15th according to the New Jersey Star Ledger.

I've noticed Toronto FC have changed the start times for 3 home games when comparing to the original schedule emailed to season tickets holders last month. The first is the home opener on Saturday April 28th, it will begin at 12:30 p.m from the original 3:30 pm start. The second match is Sunday July 29th, as the start time has been changed from 4:00 pm to 3:00 pm, and finally on Saturday October 20th will have a new start time of 12:30, instead of 3:30. Make corrections to your calenders or print off a new copy of the schedule just in case.

FC Dallas is in Brazil for training this week where they will be taking a look at a couple of players on trial; young Colombian Juan Carlos Toja, and Argentinian defender Pablo Richetti.

The National Post reports on the ticket mess surrounding the July 8th World Youth Championship game originally scheduled for Toronto. FIFA moved the match to Montreal from BMO Field in Toronto on the weekend. Makes you wonder how much tax payer money was provided by the City of Toronto to build BMO Field again partly because of the exposure the city would receive on a worldwide basis from hosting the event. You probably have a couple of unhappy politicians who voted on the stadium - especially if the game moved involves a high profile team like Portugal.

Trinidadian Goalkeeper Shaka Hislop, who had a very good professional career in England, after a stint in the NCAA ranks, is set to receive his American Green Card. With the Green Card in hand, Hislop will no longer count as a Senior International in MLS. Hislop, will compete with incumbent number 1 keeper - Argentinian Dario Sala, for the starter position in Dallas this year.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


* The Toronto organizers for the FIFA World Youth Championship tournament, made a real mess scheduling matches at BMO Field during the Indy Car Race on Sunday July 8th. After talk of resolution, and reassurances that fans should not be worried, Toronto ends up losing one of the matches on July 8th to Montreal.

So who gets to pay for the organizing committee's screw up? Well its the fans of course. The same fans the organizers have taken money from. Soccer fans were sold packages including a doubleheader for Sunday July 8th, and instead one of the matches gets moved. The explanation goes something like this - your still getting a game/event on that day so we've done nothing wrong. A bogus answer in my estimation. Had they not advertised the game as a doubleheader, this would be a non-issue, yet the schedule was released and many people relied on that information when purchasing tickets. Some have even made travel plans for that match, expecting to see their team play. What do fans get other than a poor excuse for the inept planning on the part of the organizing committee - a realization that some have little integrity in the way they go about doing business.

* By the way, I can't believe all the hype around town for the FIFA World Youth Championship draw on Saturday? Seriously, does anyone know or care that this event is taking place in Toronto? It will be televised live on the CBC apparently, if your interested.

* Lucky # 7 - 2007 is the 80th Anniversary of the Toronto Maple Leafs, and 30th Anniversary of the Toronto Blue Jays (or whatever their called now). Good year for Toronto FC to play their inaugural season.

MLS Player Moves & Rumours:
* Nick Rimando was traded back to Real Salt Lake by New York. This has pretty much ended the Jon Conway to Toronto trade rumours. For the time being anyway!
* Alex Zotinca, a Romanian Defender, who played for Bob Gansler in Kansas City for several MLS seasons, has signed with Chivas USA. Zotinca carries a coveted Green Card which allows him to count as a domestic player in MLS.
* Luciano De Bruno, an Argentinian midfielder currently playing in Israel, is rumored to be heading to Kansas City.
* Jamar Beasley, the older brother of Manchester City and USA International Demarcus Beasley, did not impress on trial for Chivas USA, and has returned to Indoor Soccer. This is not a name that will mean much to those of you new to MLS, however before Landon Donovan and Freddy Adu there was Jamar Beasley. Beasley was the first young hope for MLS after signing with the league while still in high school. He was said to be a can't miss prospect at the time being sent to the New England Revolution. Unfortunately, Jamar's young career took a turn for the worse when he moved in with a famous Boston Celtic player, and spent more time focused on late night partying than improving his soccer skills. After leaving the Revolution and trying to catch on with a couple of other MLS sides, Jamar found a niche in the indoor circuit where he has emerged as one of the top players. Of course the comparison to Demarcus, his less heralded brother at the time, will always be made. Demarcus went on to a great career in MLS, Holland, 2 World Cup Final Tournaments, and is now in the Premiership with Manchester City. For Jamar, the opportunity provided to him by Chivas coach Preki, was probably his last chance to catch on in MLS.
* Highly touted Maykel Galindo from Cuba, who defected a couple of years ago during a Cuban National team game in the United States, has signed with Chivas USA. Galindo had been playing for Seattle in the USL.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Friday, February 23, 2007


Toronto FC ends the first portion of training camp with a 5-1-0 record, defeating the Lynn University Men's Soccer team 3-2 today in Sunrise, Florida. Lynn University are a local college team in the Miami area, that participate in the NCAA Division 2 ranks. American forward Edson Buddle lights it up today with three goals. Robert Morris University product Tomer Chencinski and former Sporting Braga apprentice Jon Paul Piques, both from the Toronto area, split the game in goal for TFC. Good news to end the week. Here is the official release (complete with yet another weather update -someone should tell them to get their coats out as Toronto is bracing for yet another winter storm to welcome them home on Monday):


With so much being made about the need for a backup keeper lately, not much is being written about the lack of depth in terms of defenders on the current Toronto FC roster. Toronto FC have done a great job at assembling a full complement of forwards and midfielders given the many parameters and restrictions placed on the team. The defensive ranks however, look very thin on paper. Beyond Marco Reda, Andrew Boyens, Chris Pozniak, and Adam Braz, Toronto FC has limited options at the back. While Jim Brennan and Carl Robinson, can be called on to play on the back line, their preferred roles will surely be in the midfield. Garfield Reid, a Jamaican International on trial last week in Florida, was released by TFC on Tuesday.

A defender who I have been informed is apparently available, and also very interested in returning home, is Toronto native Victor Oppong. After a promising start to his career, including stints with various Canadian Youth National and Olympic Teams, his career has stagnated somewhat recently. Oppong has been plying his trade in the lower tiers of the German league, and has fallen off the radar for most. A move home to be closer to family and friends may be in the cards. Oppong is currently exploring his future options, and whether it will be possible to extend his stay in Europe. According to some very close to the player, North American options are very possible given the right set of circumstances.

That said, it is not known whether Toronto FC have shown any interest in Oppong's services, or if they even rate the player at all. It is also not known how well the player has progressed over the last few years, nor his salary / compensation demands, which may be difficult to meet given the limited resources of MLS. After all, even lower division teams in some European leagues offer different incentives and bonuses for players well beyond the basic salary. Conversely, a player who is lower down on the depth charts of an MLS team (as Oppong would be), can't expect to make a great living, until they prove their worth in the MLS.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


MLS Cup Champions Houston Dynamo lost to Puntarenas of Costa Rica 1-0 in the away fixture of the CONCACAF Champions League yesterday. DC United defeated Olimpia of Honduras handily 4-1.

An update as to why Conor Casey has not been officially announced by Toronto FC can be found this morning in the Toronto Sun.

UPDATE: Larry Millson from the Globe & Mail, is in Florida and provides an update on the Conor Casey situation.

Real Salt Lake Goalkeeper Scott Garlick is apparently set to announce his retirement from pro soccer. Garlick is best remembered for backstopping DC United several years ago. Garlick's departure will leave Real Salt Lake with a need for an experienced keeper with only First Round draft pick Chris Seitz as a viable option. Although Seitz is said to be the next top US keeper, he is bound to play for the USA in the World Youth Championships here in Canada in the summer, and will miss a good chunk of the season. RSL recently traded away another former DC United keeper, Nick Rimando to New York after acquiring him earlier in the off-season. The names floating around as possible replacements are Jon Conway of Red Bull, and former Chicago Fire and Benfica man Zach Thorton.

New England have two interesting Pre-Season guests at their training camp in Bermuda - Japanese players Takuda Yamada and Takashi Hirano. For Toronto FC's sake, I was hoping that New England would have experienced more turnover this off season. Moreover, in addition to losing Clint Dempsey to Fulham in the English Premier League, offers were apparently on the table for star midfielder Sharlie Joseph from Glasgow Celtic, Taylor Twellman from Odd Grenland of Norway, and Trinidadian Avery John from QPR. Although things are said to have been taken care of in New England, with new contracts issued to these players, one has to wonder how Joseph really feels about losing out on an opportunity to play for one of the world's premier teams. Joseph not only loses out on the earning potential from both the transfer fee and a European contract, but perhaps his last chance to experience top level European Soccer, the culture surrounding Glasgow Celtic, and Champions League. Perhaps resentment will again surface in the New England locker room this season, as it did when management prevented Clint Dempsey from moving to England last summer.

Red Bull New York are finally set to announce their second Designated Player according to Ives Galacerp. Augstin Delgado from Ecuador has been the most frequent name mentioned. Delgado has been rumored since early January. Aside from helping fill the need for a striker, the Delgado move will help target the huge Ecuadorian population in the New York area, and possibly help restore interest in the team from the Hispanic community in that market. During MLS's earlier years, the New York/New Jersey Metrostars made it a practice of including at least one Colombian on the roster in hope of capitalizing on another huge ethnic group in the area.

According to the San Diego Tribune, Citibank Corporation is set to offer the LA Galaxy $49 million dollars to become their jersey sponsor for the next five years.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


The Toronto Sun newspaper has become an "Official" Toronto FC sponsor joining Bank of Montreal (BMO), and Carlsberg Beer. I totally missed this bit of news when it was originally announced.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Toronto FC were 5-0 winners vs. a local side called "Soccer Max" on Tuesday afternoon. Not sure about the quality of the competition today, but it looks as if it was a convincing win. Abbe Ibrahim has arrived to training camp and scored today. The other goal scorers were Paulo Nagamura, Jose Cancela, Hunter West, and Edson Buddle. There was some discussion that Toronto were slated to play Lynn University, the Division 2 NCAA Champions today, however that game must have fallen through at the last minute. The team will returning to Toronto next week, and practice indoors at the U of T according to the team.


As predicted yesterday, Dean McNulty of the Toronto Sun stopped by TFC training camp on his way back from the Daytona 500, and provides us with the first media report from training camp. Here it is:
- Toronto lost 2-1 to the Canadian Under 20 National Team yesterday
- # 1 Draft Pick Maurice Edu has a fractured pelvis and will be out 4-5 weeks
- Jamaican International Garfield Reid, Colombian Hector Hurtado, and South African Junaid Hartley have been cut from the team.
- Sir Mo's comment about the 4-5 invitees not impressing - we know the first three, but who are the other 2 ???
- Sounds as if Syracuse University product Richard Asante, and Hartwick University supplemental draft pick Tyler Hemming are in line to earn a spot on the roster.


Tyler Rosenlund has been offered a contract in Sweden.

Monday, February 19, 2007


When I left for work this morning, Toronto FC had apparently tied the Canadian U-20 Nats 1-1 in a scrimmage over the weekend - this according the official website. By the time I arrived home, the same report had TFC winning that scrimmage 3-0. Its not an official game, so it doesn't really matter either way, but you have to wonder how the heck that happens??? I guess we can somewhat make sense of adding a goal to the score, but how exactly do you take one away from your opponent? I also noticed they referred to Miguel-Maycoll- Mike Campos-Canizalez as a Canadian in the second article. I swear it said he was Salvadoran in the initial release. I had wondered all day if I had the right guy pegged this weekend.

BTW, I did make a mistake in my trivia post yesterday. I had Scott Norwood hailing from Oakville, when in reality it was Steve Christie who hails from Oakville. Thanks to the reader who caught that and brought it to my attention.


- According to , the team tied the Canadian U-20 Men's National Team 1-1 on Saturday in Florida during a scrimmage. Miguel Canizalez scored for TFC.

- Dean McNulty the Soccer/Racing beat reporter at the Toronto Sun is down in Florida covering the Daytona 500. Lets hope he gets out to catch some Toronto FC pre-season and report back.

- According to Toronto Sun Senior Columnist George Gross, former NHL VP, and current MISL President Steve Ryan, would like to see indoor soccer teams in Canadian markets in the future. The cities mentioned in the article were: Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Well there is absolutely no news to roundup, not even an update on how many cookies Adam Braz has been eating, or the subtle Florida weather updates thrown in to each of the TFC official releases. I'm convinced those weather updates are meant to rub it in to all of us stuck in the GTA.

The reports concerning Zinadine Zidane, are being downplayed and outright shot down by the Chicago Fire GM Steve Guppy and head coach Dave Sarachan. The earlier approach made by the Fire for Zidane, apparently came via Chicago Fire French import midfielder Pascal Bedrossian, who is reportedly a very close friend of Zidane's brother in France. One thing is certain - if your splitting a ticket package with someone, hold on dearly to the 2 Chicago Fire games. While David Beckham may be a media celebrity, Zidane is a football legend. Chicago has cleared quite a bit of cap room off their roster and have not followed up with any big signings. So lets keep a close eye on this rumour.

With all the hoopla over the tickets from the negative article about TFC/MLSE sales policies the other day in the Toronto Star, you can't help but wonder what happens next year when the Beckham factor, as well as the curiosity over the team and stadium wear off. As much as I love MLS, and believe in it, the reality is many fans (which is probably 99% of the season ticket base) have never been exposed to MLS soccer. Many will surely be disappointed by the caliber of play if they compare it to the top leagues they watch from Europe of South America. They'll also complain about the field turf, the lack of media coverage, the stadium location, anything and everything to put TFC down. To boot if TFC stink on the field, which is what most expansion teams tend to do, then were in big trouble. I'm convinced that in Toronto the biggest battle to get pro soccer established is not with those that hate soccer, rather it is with those that love it.

If the renewal rate for seasons tickets is anything less than 100% next year, the anti-soccer media is going to publicly crucify Toronto FC & MLSE. Every "good news" ticket article this spring moreover, will be followed by negative stories next year. The anti-soccer media is waiting to come out screaming "failure" and "I told you so", and "white elephant", with regard to BMO. Heck, most people were pumped when TFC were on course to beat original estimates, and thought 7000 would be a fantastic number to reach. The bar has now been raised, and it's a lofty one (approx. 13000).

I guess this is a wonderful problem to have if your MLSE. An easy solution of course will be signing a well known, Designated Player from Italy, Portugal, Greece, or England (as you all know I can continue this list forever, so don't get upset if I missed your nationality - heck don't they get something like 3000 people out to watch a local Somalian tournament at Centennial Stadium each summer?).

Anyway, Sir Mo is proving to be quite the wheeler dealer. I mean you can't lose a trade if the players you send away can't play for the other team. Toronto FC Expansion draft picks Tim Regan & Adrian Serioux, both since traded away, are out with serious long term injuries. A word of caution to the people at MLSE - keep Sir Mo out of your playoff hockey pools.

Ok, now on to the trivia answers for the questions posted the other day: (if I'm wrong or I missed someone send me an email)

(1) The two MLS head coaches who were involved with the Toronto Blizzard are Bob Houghton who coached Colorado in 1996, and Argentine legend Carlos "Cacho" Cordoba who was the original coach of the Miami Fusion in 1998. Cordoba was also an assistant to Dave Dir in Dallas for a couple of years .

(2) The 4 former Toronto Blizzard players who suited up for MLS teams are: Alex Bunbury (KC), Pat Harrington (KC), Pat Onstad (SJ/HOU), and American Ted Eck (Dallas)

(3) Indoor Soccer legend Hector Marinaro, is the leading point man in the history of pro indoor soccer. Marinaro, has been a big part of the Cleveland soccer community for many years now. His father Hector Marinaro Sr., a player of great pedigree himself in Latin America, had been involved with many pro soccer teams over the years in various capacities in the Toronto area. The famous North York Rockets bus from the CSL days, some of you may remember, was run by Marinaro.

(4) The NHL hockey question was very easy - Peter Zezel who played with the Leafs, Philadelphia Flyers amongst others was drafted by the Toronto Blizzard and played for the North York Rockets in the Canadian Soccer League. Tie Domi formerly of the Toronto Maple Leafs, and New York Rangers played one summer in the Puma International Pro League at Lamport Stadium for a Macedonian Selection.

According to his youth team coach (who also coached Paul Peschisilido) current NHL'er Mike Ricci of the Phenoix Coyotes was also a high caliber youth soccer player. Former Leafs Gary Leeman & Nick Kypreos are a couple of others who were said to be quality youth soccer players, as was former Buffalo Bills NFL kicker Scott Norwood who hails from Oakville, Ontario.

(5) The correct answer is former Arsenal man Anders Limpar who played a couple of seasons for the Colorado Rapids. Someone smartly offered Frenchman Gilles Grimandi who I'd forgot totally about, though technically he never played in a regular season game for the Rapids.

A bit of TFC Soccer Trivia happened this week as well - the first goal scorer in an official game was Colombian Hector Hurtado, who may not be with the team at all come April.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Interesting interview by one of the foremost soccer writers in the USA, New York based Michael Lewis, with Red Bulls keeper coach Des McAleenan. The interview has some informative information regarding the Toronto keeper situation and Jon Conway.

Relevant Toronto FC Summary from Des McAleenan Interview:
"Since the Red Bulls signed Rimando 10 days ago, there has been a ton of speculation that Conway would be traded for a forward. One possibility had Conway going to Toronto FC for forward Alecko Eskandarian. Former Red Bulls coach Mo Johnston coaches the expansion team."I will go on the record that Mo would take Jon in the morning," McAleenan said. "Mo likes him a lot. . . . I think the league has not been very kind to Mo, in terms of the kind of constraints they have put on him. Mo would have to (use) a foreign spot for a goalkeeper."
Waterreus reportedly will make $135,000 this season. Conway, a career backup, made a guaranteed salary of $48,250 last season. Rimando earned a guaranteed salary of $102,800 in 2006, but took a cut to join the Red Bulls.
Teams cannot afford to give two of their starting goalkeepers a decent living. In this league, how it works -- I'm not going to give you the figures -- starting goalkeeper between 100 and 200 at the very top. and that's it, max. And then what they like to do is to fill in the blanks with a guy, if they can, if he's fantastic, that guy is under 50. When you start to move up, then it gets tricky.
If Mo's guy goes down in Canada, he's in big trouble. He tells me he has no goalkeepers. He has only one -- (Greg) Sutton. If Sutton gets hurt, then Mo is in a whole world of pain."Toronto isn't the only team in trouble."

Friday, February 16, 2007


Toronto FC won their second pre-season match 3-0 against a selection of Honduran Players - presumably locals from the Miami area. Miguel Canizalez played for Toronto FC - which is fantastic news. More to come later.
- Supplemental draft pick Hunter West scores 2
- very interesting that there is no mention of Jose Cancela - he didn't appear in the game summary, nor did they mention him out with an injury
- as reported Carl Robinson hasn't arrived yet
- still no sign or announcement on Conor Casey.
- Jamaican International Garfield Reid is now officially in camp
- Colombian International Hector Hurtado played yet again
- Junaid Hartley ??? was listed - not sure who this is
- Local Toronto product Andrea Lombardo back from playing in Italy including stints with Atalanta of Bergamo reportedly did very well
- Ronnie O'Brien, Maurice Edu + Alecko Eskandarian out injured today
- Local Toronto native Miguel (sometimes known as Mike Campos) Canizalez who was originally born in El Salvador and has played in the German leagues for many years, appeared in the second half. His career is one filled with unfortunate injuries, yet he is certainly a player with all the tools when healthy. A great addition in my estimation. I was always surprised MLS teams in places like DC or LA never gave Canizalez a look considering he had loads of potential, was young enough to count as a YI (don't believe that is the case any longer - as if I recall he was born in 1982) and has a Salvadoran background, which is an important asset in those markets. Perhaps his German teams commanded too much for his rights.


The always reliable is suggesting Dema Kovalenko may be headed to Toronto given the salary cap issues with Red Bull New York. Kovalenko has been one of my favourite MLS players over the last few years. The Ukrainian born player moved to Rochester New York in high school (Rochester is a short drive from Toronto) and had a stellar career at Indiana under Jerry Yeagley. I would love to see him in Toronto yet there is quite the backlog in the midfield at the moment so I'm not so sure how likely this move will be. Very interesting nonetheless. If your not familiar with MLS, Dema is a player most teams and fans hate playing against, yet a player most would admit they wouldn't mind having on their side.


The Toronto Star article this morning regarding ticket sales has really ticked a nerve. TFC is a business with 20 dates to sell, the least of their worries will be August 5th. If fans aren't willing to purchase a package for whatever reason, the consequence is they may not have a chance to watch David Beckham - and that's too bad. They don't write articles for Leaf, Blue Jay, or Raptors fans when they get shut out of the big fixtures. If the fan mentioned in the article is really interested in the team, he has a chance to attend any one of the 7 games before August 5th & perhaps a couple of friendlies.

What Toronto FC should do, when they start selling single game tickets, is reward every single supporter who purchased the original $53.00 deposit through ticketmaster, with a window to purchase single game tickets before the general public. Those fans (I am one myself) made a commitment to TFC & MLS many months before the Beckham bandwagon, and even before Sir Mo, and Jim Brennan were signed. These are many of the U-Sector, Red Patch Boys, Liverpool Supporters and other die hard fans who believed in pro soccer when pro soccer has let many of them down repeatedly over the years. If Toronto FC is really concerned with building loyalty they should reward those fans first. Whatever tickets remain should go out to the public. I'm not saying that anyone who purchased tickets after the season ticket packages became available are any less worthy than those of us that bought before, however, a financial commitment was made by a few thousand supporters and in exchange TFC made many promises about advantages of paying that deposit. In my opinion Toronto FC would be smart to return the loyalty back to those fans.

My fear is that many of those post Beckham season ticket packages sold, will result in empty seats for the other 19 games at BMO. They bought the packages for the Beckham game, will try a couple of others maybe, and never return. Personally, I look at the Beckham game like any other. If for whatever reason he doesn't play or show up, I could care less. Moreover, I would welcome the news if it means Toronto FC can more easily secure points from that game.
On the other hand, I would love the opportunity to secure a few more tickets for April 28th, so that I can take my extended family and some friends on top of the tickets I purchased. Its the least I can do considering all the Saturday's where plans have revolved around the start and end times of some meaningless mid summer Kansas City Wizards - Miami Fusion game on the dish.

Wouldn't that space in the paper today have been better served with updating fans on training camp, with quotes from Sir Mo instead of Tom Anselmi??? Just my opinion.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


With very little coming out of Toronto FC training camp in Florida, I'd like to share some Toronto related MLS trivia for those of you interested in spending some time polishing up on some MLS history.

(1) Name the the two former MLS Head Coaches who had been involved in some capacity with the Toronto Blizzard??? (Hint - the first was a coach, the other an on field player with the Blizzard).

(2) Name the four former Toronto Blizzard players who have suited up for MLS teams since the MLS inception back in1996??? (Hint - think CSL version)

(3) Chivas USA coach Preki is regarded as one of the greatest indoor soccer players of all time. Yet a Toronto native & former Toronto Blizzard player is actually the all time point leader in indoor professional soccer. Who was he??? This player was invited to the inaugural MLS Combine in 1996, but was not drafted due to his relatively high wage demand. (Hint: It is not Toronto native & San Diego Sockers legend Branko Segota) .

(4) Name the two former Toronto Maple Leafs who played professional soccer during their NHL careers? One was involved with the NASL Blizzard & CSL North York Rockets, the other played in the upstart PUMA League at Lamport Stadium. (This is an easy one imo)

While not Toronto related, I thought this question is fitting considering the announcement made last week:

(5) With Colorado now linked to Arsenal, who was the former Arsenal midfielder to play for the Rapids? Hint - it wasn't any of these former Rapids players Roy Wegerle, Ian Butterworth, or Chris Woods.

I'll post the answers this weekend.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Former University of Santa Barbara midfielder and British Colombia native Tyler Rosenlund is having a real tough go of it in Scandinavia. He has been released by AIK Stockholm, and now IFK Mariehamn of the Finnish league. Rosenlund is currently looking to catch on with a second division team back in Sweden.

This from my contact in Sweden: Tyler did not get a contract with IFK Mariehamn either (something I find strange in a way), they said he wasn't the type of player they were looking for. He is now supposedly to continue his route of trials with the Swedish club Åtvidaberg. It's a very "old and honorable" club that plays in our secondary division these days, normally ending up in the middle or lower half of that league. It's also a team that servers as a farming club for Djurgården, AIKs bitter rivals the the second biggest team in Stockholm...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Toronto FC won their first pre-season game on Tuesday, defeating Florida International University 1-0 according to a release on the teams official website. The goal scorer was Hector Hurtado a Colombian International invitee. Toronto FC coach Mo Johnston also put an end to speculation swirling around Alecko Eskandarian this past week in the official press release. "Eskandarian is going nowhere" said Johnson, responding to newspaper reports coming from New Jersey on Tuesday. Scrimmages vs. Lynn University (potentially) and the Canadian Under-20 National team are set for Friday.
With minimal mainstream press coverage to be expected in Florida over the next couple of months, it looks like the teams Official Website, will keep the growing fan base informed by picking up some of the slack.


First Ives, now Frank Giase at the Newark Star Ledger is calling for Alecko Eskandarian to return home to Jersey. There is no doubt Toronto will require a solid experienced backup keeper, especially if Greg Sutton is away playing for Canada or goes down with an injury, as he did last year for the Montreal Impact. It is also true that Jon Conway is one of the remaining Johnston favourites on the New York Roster.Elie Ikangu, Joe Vide, and Marvell Wynne are others who were assembled by the current Toronto coach and wouldn't count as SI's on the roster (Taylor Graham was listed here originally, yet upon further investigation he would count take up an USA SI spot which is unlikely). The move to acquire Nick Rimando last week leaves New York with two relatively high priced keepers, after the purchase of Dutchman Ronald Watterreus last month. Is Conway worth Eskandarian or the partial allocation used to purchase Esky? Not in my estimation. And does Sir Mo like him enough to trade away Eskandarian, and allow a backup keeper to use up one of the coveted USA International spots on the roster - who knows?

If there is truth to to this, perhaps Sir Mo is looking at a package that may include a youth international player like Ikangu or Vide to be thrown in. The way I see it, Conway will be released shortly - why not simply wait it out if your TFC? At that point, Sir Mo can work from a stronger position with regard to trading one of the three US Internationals, if making room for Conway becomes necessary.


According to William Houston at the Globe and Mail, The Score and the CBC will carry Toronto FC games this year. The CBC package is a product apparently of a commitment to local soccer as a stipulation to the FIFA World Cup t.v rights they have won. Does that mean Toronto FC will be shown nationally across the network and can we expect the USL Vancouver Whitecaps & Montreal Impact on CBC as well? I also wonder what will happen to the Toronto FC games being carried live by Fox Soccer Channel in the United States, as you would think Fox Sports World Canada would show those fixtures here?

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Steve Goff of the Washington Post is reporting that former Greece and US National team coach Alkis Panagoulias is trying to arrange a friendly here in Toronto for Greek side PAOK Salonica in May. I would assume the opposition will be Toronto FC, but that wasn't confirmed. PAOK are to arrive after the Greek league season ends in May. Toronto FC have a weekend open on May 5+6, yet that may be too early depending on the Greek League schedule. Otherwise, it will have to be a mid-week fixture. There may be some Canadian content on PAOK with Edmonton native Daniel Fernandes listed on the Wiki roster. Fernandes, who was said to be courted by Jose Mourinho at one point, is yet another Canadian who will play internationally for a country other than his homeland - this time Portugal.
Official Site for PAOK:
& the wikibikishiki


Carl Robinson discusses life after MLS, and the approaching wave of footballers from the UK bound for MLS.

George Gross examines the cultural makeup of Toronto FC today. Funny how Tom Anselmi left off Chris Pozniak and Adam Braz from his list of Canadians. I believe both players are of Polish decent. While Gross makes reference to the demise of past teams and leagues in the Toronto area, TFC will be the very first attempt at professional soccer where the market is void of other competition. Ethnic based leagues & teams would draw thousands to various venues in the 50's,60's, 70's, and to a lesser extent in the 1980's. So while the Blizzard of the NASL drew 13,000, you may have had at least another 13,000 scattered elsewhere watching Greek, Portuguese, Italian or Croatian teams to name a few, in the NSL. Toronto has been a severely divided soccer marketplace for what seems an eternity. The lack of division within the soccer community today, is one of the main reasons why this team has the greatest opportunity to be a success over any other soccer venture before it.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Today's Toronto Star article claims several players were cut after the morning practice yesterday. York Universiy product Jamal Smith was one. The article claims that Paulo Nagamura will join the team next week along with Carl Robinson. I can confirm however that Paulo Nagamura was definitely in camp this week (perhaps he wasn't there on Friday morning). It could be the reporter is not familiar with all the players yet. However, calls of "Nagy" & "Paulo" were unmistakable during scrimmages as he was one of the key distributors of the ball in the middle of the field this week.

Toronto Sun reporter Dean McNulty is providing the best print coverage of any of the TFC beat reporters in my estimation. He is not afraid to confront Sir Mo with tough questions and critique some of the transactions. Jamal Smith & Jeff Gonsalves have been cut (they were offered Developmental Contract deals apparently - I don't quite understand how that works though). Joey Mello, Richard Asante, and Tyler Hemming have all made it through to Florida according to the article. I think he is very much correct in that many fans are perhaps purchasing the tickets blindly, thinking MLS is something it isn't and bringing with them some unreasonable expectations.

The fellas over at the USECTOR, yet another of the very large Toronto FC supporter groups, have posted this article link on Big Soccer Boards regarding local product Andrea Lombardo. The former Atalanta product is coming home from the Italian leagues to attend camp in Florida next week. Another striker to join the ranks - what could that mean?

Anyone else notice that The Score Network has reduced their Toronto FC coverage since showing the MLS Superdraft Live (including Sportsworld)? Is it a result of a backlash from European Soccer fans throughout Canada complaining about TFC coverage, or perhaps something dealing with the TV rights negotiations? Have to wonder.

Friday, February 9, 2007


The Red Patch Boys, one of Toronto FC's Largest Supporter Groups is planning a bus trip to watch Toronto play in Columbus on May 26th. The price is very reasonable @ approx. $130. Travelling fans - this officially makes Toronto FC a true football team. Check out the Red Patch Boys Supporters Group or their message boards where the contact information can be found if interested.

Here is a link to video from the largest ever travelling MLS Supporters Road Trip last Spring Red Bulls @ DCU (well come to think of it the Houston contingent down in Dallas last November was probably bigger) -
Fan violence in MLS - who would have imagined?????


Canadian midfielder Tyler Rosenlund has not been offered a contract by AIK Stolkholm and is now on trial in Finland with IFK Mariehamm in Aaland. Tyler desperately wants to play for Canada this summer in the World Youth Championships, and realizes that without playing first team football on a consistent basis his chances of making the final roster will be difficult.

This is an email summary from an AIK Stolkholm fan (Jocke Petterrsson) regarding Tyler:
" it was called last night that Tyler will not be offered a contract. Coach Nebojsa Novakovic says that Tyler does indeed have the qualities and attitude that they want in a midfielder, but that it would not be fair to Tyler or AIK to sign a foreign player just to widen the squad. They don't feel that it would be fair to him to make him move here and all and then be given very little playing time. Also like I said before, he points out that the AIK midfield is exceptionally strong as it is and that he might not match most of those players right now. Tyler will go to Aaland and trial for IFK Mariehamn now. They play in the Finnish league and are considered a fair team, usually positioning in the top 5 or so. It should be said though that the Finnish league is of a much much lower standard than those in Sweden, Norway and Denmark whom are all fairly equal."


Toronto FC have concluded the Toronto portion of training camp this morning. I had the good fortune to arrive for the afternoon session - which was cancelled. I would suspect Sir Mo allowed the players the afternoon off to prepare for the the next two months away. Contrary to claims made by some that the Soccer Centre was somehow closed this week (which is simply impossible given the facility houses different offices and other businesses) it was very much open, and in fact I was not the only fan in attendance, there were more than a few curious onlookers who were stopping by throughout the week to watch.

It will be interesting to see who makes it down to Florida, and if indeed Xu Qing our Chinese Mystery Man, gets the opportunity to head stateside, if he is even allowed to enter the United States that is (depends on his visa status of course).

NOTES: Conor Casey's agent was on local radio last night and confirmed that Casey is on the way to Toronto. He also mentioned that Casey has been trying to get back to the USA for a couple of years now. Bob Gansler formerly of the KC Wizards was very close to bringing him into the Kansas City a year or so ago.


Toronto FC Director of Business Operations Paul Beirne has stated he was totally misquoted by a Scottish paper this morning on a Big Soccer message board regarding Toronto FC's interest in Neil Lennon. He didn't waste anytime getting his side out early this morning
(Beirne uses the name mlsintoronto on Big Soccer - Toronto's version of Peter Wilt)

Here is the link to the article in question:

If I recall correctly, this may be the same paper that linked several high profile Scottish players to Sir Mo Johnston back in December.

Thursday, February 8, 2007


Our mystery Chinese player has been solved - 19 year old Xu Qing. Qing was reportedly on trial with Vitesse Arnhem in Holland in December. I would have never thought he was 19, simply because he looks much older in person. A fan who made it out to the Soccer Centre today, was smart enough to take some pictures during the morning session, and posted them over on Big Soccer.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Looks like Kiwi Jarrod Smith is a no go according to this paper in New Zealand. (thanks to one of my loyal Kiwi readers for this)


I caught the 8v8 today scrimmage today using only half of the regulation field. Injuries - Ronnie O'Brien who twisted his foot on Tuesday (yet kept playing) was on the sidelines, Marco Reda, Maurice Edu, and Greg Sutton. Joey Mello was applauded a few times by Sir Mo as he led many of the attacks, together with Richard Asante, and Paulo Nagamura who served as floaters from team to team. Nagamura is a great distributor of the ball. Toronto native and former Colorado Rapids defender Ricky Titus was in attendance but not on the field. Bob Gansler looks to be in charge of the technical coaching side of things directly on the field with Sir Mo keeping a watchful eye over proceedings. Again the young keepers looked out of their realm today.

The "Chinese" import (it has not been confirmed he is from China) played up top and more centrally, and put at least one goal in. He was less noticeable than yesterday when playing out wide. Funny thing about him is that he never wears shin guards. He didn't play with as much flair today save a couple of chances. He probably needs more conditioning though, as he too looked tired. His partner looked to be Jeff Gonsalves who had a couple of chances. Jim Brennan was again hardly noticeable. The central defender had a British sounding accent, (I thought it was Carl Robinson at first) but I'm pretty sure now it was Andrew Boyens. Boyens took out one of the younger players very hard on one play, and perhaps injured him as he limped around. Chris Pozniak made a couple of mistakes as the young players again showed little mercy. Matt Palleschi scored a great goal from a terrific build up - Sir Mo applauded loudly. Jamall Smith again looked steady. Adam Braz was never really tested. He did score a weak goal from the sideline that alluded one of the young keepers. Sir Mo was extremely frustrated by that goal yelling out - "that shouldn't happen at this level."


Yanks Abroad is reporting Conor Casey has had trouble finding a team in Europe and is coming to MLS - specifically to Toronto FC. Very interesting to see how this move works with the current roster. Strikers Edson Buddle, and Alecko Eskandarian are making a good "MLS" money at the moment. Will Toronto stay with all three American strikers or will one be moved? Casey may spend time with the US National team this summer at either the Copa America or Gold Cup, so cover may be needed. I still find it very strange that Eskandarian wouldn't show up to get to know the guys this week. Talk about Casey being traded to Colorado has already surfaced. Colorado coach Fernando Clavijo was apparently in hot pursuit of Casey's signature. Toronto however passed on several of Colorado's higher profile players in the expansion draft back in November. Sir Mo will need more than Draft Picks or Allocation proceeds in return from future trades.


Dean Mcnulty at the Toronto Sun provides a good breakdown of conditioning problems with Toronto FC players today. I think my reports yesterday, and the score line yesterday in the afternoon scrimmage are reflective of what Sir Mo saw in the morning as well. Most journalists shy away from the soccer side of things and give us fluff pieces so its good to read Mcnulty give us some on field soccer related news for once. Good to hear that Mo saw Richard Asante do well out there as I reported yesterday. NEWS: Jose Cancela was hurt, Maurice Edu in for an MRI, and a new "big player" signing - forward is on the way apparently with European experience. Where would the arrival of this player leave high priced Alecko Eskandarian & Edson Buddle is the big question though?

The most accurate and recent report dealing with current Toronto FC season tix has the club hovering around 11,500 according to Richard Peddie. Expect a jump today due to the schedule announcement.

I have received way too many emails to respond back to regarding the "Chinese Player". By the way the links my friend in Chicago sent of the Chinese Womens National team were very funny. Anyway, he showed very well from my vantage point as a fan, but coaches might not see it that way. You should also remember that you don't see many tackles because of the astro turf at the Soccer Centre. One solid tackle would have made this player think twice about some of the stuff he was pulling yesterday. I can not confirm his nationality as Chinese as I was simply told this was what they were saying in the change rooms. How easy can it be for a Chinese National to get permission to travel abroad for a trial? Unless of course he was from Hong Kong or already living abroad or locally. Who knows.

Also keep in mind that Bob Gansler is an extremely cautious coach, who is defensive oriented. His teams are organized, disciplined but he has rarely been one for creativity and flair. Of course he inherited the incredible Preki, and had some major problems with him over the years - leading to a trade at one point. Former player Peter Vermes who is a director of soccer with the Kansas City Wizards, stated last week that the new coaching staff in KC are looking to move away from some of that negative soccer that has been associated with the KC Wizards of the past few years in order to make it more entertaining for fans. That should give us an idea about Gansler's tactics.

Funny to hear the Toronto players complain about the weather. Canadian Tyler Rosenlund on trial with AIK Stolkholm played in -12 degrees Celsius conditions yesterday in a friendly pre-season game. Doubt that Tyler is accustomed to playing soccer in those conditions given he grew up in British Columbia where the climate is much milder and warmer in general than in the rest of Canada, and that he has been playing college ball in California. He showed well according to my many contacts in Sweden going the full 90. He plays a big game on Saturday that will decide his fate at the club.

Am I the only one who notices how out of shape most MLS coaches are? Save for a few MLS coahes, you don't really see this in Europe. I mean how can Bruce Arena or Sigi Schmid amongst a few others, be taken seriously given the state of their own conditions. Yeah they may be successful coaches but what kind of example are they really setting.

I am still hearing that Honduran Samuel Caballero is looking at coming back to MLS. He holds a precious Green Card if memory serves.

Trinidadian International Striker Cornell Glen was released by the Galaxy last week - wonder if old coach Sir Mo has any interest? What would this blog be without a weekly Trinidadian rumour to chew on?

Tuesday, February 6, 2007


The collection of young players facing the higher profile TFC players played some wonderful soccer this afternoon in a 10v10 game - winning handily with a final score of 3 (or was it 4) - 1 Unfortunately for TFC fans, I overheard a couple of parents saying there was no way they would allow their kids to give up on an NCAA scholarship for the paltry $1100 per month. Who could blame them. Anyway, the young guys (red shirts) included a couple of additions namely the mystery Chinese Player named "Su". Richard Asante joined them in the second half when they became even more potent. York University player Jamall Smith looked solid and definitely not out of place. Canadian youngster Joey Mello is an excellent player amongst the best on the field.
- Paulo Nagamura distributed the ball extremely well from side to side, excellent vision, very smart and confident, still getting adjusted to the surroundings
- Jim Brennan was a non factor - it will take him a while to get back into playing shape.
- Adam Braz had a terrible day - either that or the Chinese Player is the next coming of Maradona.
- Ronnie O'Brien - played out right yet didn't look very comfortable, a total opposite of yesterday where he was very vocal and extremely active in the middle. Frustration showed.
- Defenders Chris Pozniak, Marco Reda, and Adam Braz looked bewildered at times by the onslaught led by Mello, Richard Asante who switched teams in the second half, and the aforementioned mystery Chinese player.
- Greg Sutton was there but didn't play - injury concern perhaps.
- The young keepers rotating in did not impress. Have to wonder if Carmen Isacco will consider serving as a backup at some point.
-Richard Asante was very solid playing left back in the first half for the senior guys and than defensive midfield for the young guys in the second half.
- Matt Palleschi formerly of the Toronto Lynx, was the main target up top for the senior team and showed well when given an opportunity.
- Jeffrey Gonsalves did not stand out - I wasn't even sure which team he was on to be honest. - I'm pretty sure Tyler Hemming was in attendance as I kept hearing players yelling his name.


The Asian player I alluded to last night was simply fantastic today during the afternoon scrimmage session at training camp. I haven't seen a player undress an entire midfield and defense like this in a long time. Although dressed alongside the younger lesser known players, he was instrumental in a lopsided victory. Play after play he took it to the senior TFC players and made them look awful several times. Word is he is from China and was part of their National team setup at some point. The players called him "Su" (perhaps spelled Siu, Xu or Xiu - who knows) . Fantastic talent in my estimation - he made Ronnie O "Brien and Adam Braz look silly on several occasions. They simply couldn't stop him.

Monday, February 5, 2007


I caught the last 40 minutes or so this afternoon. I really can't put names to all the faces but interesting watching the scrimmage nonetheless. The opposition looked to be a collection of U-20 high school players, perhaps NTC guys who wore blue. A couple young players had expressed their concerns at taking time off school to get to the training sessions on time to coach Mike Matkovich after practice. Matkovich was very interested in speaking to one of the young players (he is apparently from Richmond Hill and had played in Italy from what I made out) to make sure he came back. There were several goalies in attendance, with who I believe to be former FC Braga youngster Jon Paul Piques in net for the yellow shirt TFC team. Maurice Edu was on the sideline. Ronnie O'Brien was in the middle of the field and looked fantastic. Richard Asante played holding midfielder on the yellow with a somewhat fatigued looking Jim Brennan out wide. Adam Braz looked confident yet the defence was rarely tested. What struck me the most was how quiet it was in general, which makes it hard to make out the names. "Jose" Cancela was on he field, but no sign of Alecko Eskandarian who may still be nursing an injury. There was an Asian or Hispanic looking player on the blue team playing wide in the midfield that didn't speak English well. Although I can't confirm it one of the players looked exactly like the picture of Paulo Nagamura on MLSNET.COM. Its early, and no conclusions are to be made at this point of course. Toronto FC are obviously in need of more quality to fill out the roster and create competition for starting spots, as the depth on paper and from what was on display this afternoon (of course missing a few of the bigger names) is far from where it will be come the season. Sir Mo will make sure of that I'm sure! Perhaps more to come later on.


The suggestion I made regarding recently released LA Galaxy keeper Josh Saunders being born in Canada, are not correct according to three well positioned people familiar with Saunders. All place him born in Oregon. I would suggest that MLSNET.COM had listed his birthplace in error during his inaugural season in San Jose.

Sunday, February 4, 2007


I can't say I'm personally a big fan of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, but he sure did score some brownie points with his admission of being a soccer fan, and his stance on that strange Super Bowl thing our friends south of the border get all excited over. Good for him.


As I reported a couple of weeks ago the Toronto organizing committee is in disarray, and now apparently the entire tournament is in big trouble according to Senior Toronto Sun columnist George Gross. This would be yet another example of the legacy of poor management and lack of leadership in Canadian Soccer. If this were to happen it would be a travesty and a total embarrassment to our entire country- and put a serious damper on my travel plans this summer (I was stupid enough to buy my tickets last week). Imagine the backlash over the funding for BMO if this were to happen - it will get very nasty and put a dent in the Toronto FC good news machine. The CSA is, was, and will always be a total joke until a true visionary takes the helm of this association.


The travel restrictions placed against former Canadian international Eddy Berdusco resulting from an issue at the Canada/US border in the late 90's, all but ended the professional career for the former Milwaukee Rampage striker. Toronto FC Goalkeeper coach Carmine Isacco has been a teammate of Berdusco on different teams locally, and the Milwaukee Rampage, where current Toronto FC assistant Bob Gansler happened to be head coach in the late 1990's. I would think Toronto FC are going to be extra cautious in terms of immigration issues given the diverse makeup of the team. Perhaps the Rod Dyachenko trade to DC United the other day was perhaps partially motivated for this very reason.


Not much coming out of TFC camp with regard to Brazilian Paulo Nagamura. It was reported earlier in the week that there are some immigration issues however no confirmation as of yet regarding his status on the team. Nagamura a former Arsenal youth team member, has tremendous upside, comes at a great price, and has proven himself in the league.


While even though the MLS is a low profile niche sport, one has to wonder if the Ontario Lottery Corporation is considering adding MLS to their summer roster. Different tournaments and soccer leagues have been a staple on the Provincial sports wagering lottery for many years, and MLS would add to the wagering options during the slower summer months. I would suggest adding MLS to Pro Line would surely help generate interest and raise the profile of MLS throughout Ontario.

Friday, February 2, 2007


UPDATE: Looks like Darryl Roberts has been offered a deal with Sparta Rotterdam on the referral of his Dutch T&T National team coach. He is apparently due for a trial in a couple of weeks.

Toronto FC Supplemental Draft pick Darryl Roberts played for the Soca Warriors in their 2-1 friendly loss to Panama on Wednesday in Panama. Word has it that teams in Holland, one of which is Roda JC, have expressed great interest in acquiring the Trinidad International. If indeed Roberts signs in Europe in the next couple of weeks, he will join Canadians Riley O'Neill, Tyler Rosenlund, and highly rated American Charlie Davies, amongst several other top NCAA prospects who have chosen Europe over the MLS. The paltry compensation packages offered to most young players by MLS has made it very difficult to retain top players especially since clubs in Scandinavia, Holland, and lower division teams in Germany have discovered the NCAA as a cheap source for decent talent. Another T&T International - Osei Telesford who was drafted by Chicago Fire FC, is also rumored heading to the Dutch League.

Thursday, February 1, 2007


A look at the Toronto FC website roster shows Ritche Kotschau removed. Open up another foreign player spot as Ronnie O'Brien can now fill the open US International spot vacated by Kotschau because of his Green Card status in the USA.


- As speculated yesterday, journeyman Welsh International Midfielder Carl Robinson was confirmed earlier today as Toronto FC's newest signing (so much for the club + country captain Mo had us searching for).
- Rod Dyachenko has been traded back to DC United for the first round pick in the 2008 Super Draft.
- Carlsberg Beer has been confirmed as a local corporate sponsor. The Anheuser-Busch agreement with Carlsberg in North America paves the way for this agreement as Budweiser has been a solid MLS partner from Day 1.
-Apparently a goalkeeper and new striker (as he mentioned in the Globe article this morning) are on the way, Sir Mo has alluded they will be arriving from abroad.
- Paulo Nagamura status is in question, immigration issues are at play as are trade scenarios. Colorado has been assembling former Steve Sampson 2005 LA Galaxy members: Jovan Kirovski, Ugo Ihemelu, Herculez Gomez.
- Jose Cancela is still in Mo's plans.
- LA apparently has waived Trinidad & Tobago international Cornell Glen, one time can't miss prospect Memo Gonzalez, and keeper Josh Saunders who has mostly spent time on loan at hometown Portland Timbers. If I recall correctly, Saunders is interesting because he was once rumoured to be eligible to play for Canada because of some sort of parental link. Would be a solid backup if he would somehow count as a Canadian (please drop me a line if anyone out there has any info to confirm or disprove this).
- Some talk that Colorado is re-branding and will be called the Arsenal Colorado FC- it has something to do with the site of their new soccer park in Commerce City, Colorado which was once an ammunition's plant.
- Colorado Supplemental Draft Pick Riley O'Neill has signed on with a team in the lower divisions of Germany as has Canadian International Sandro Grande, courted by a couple of MLS teams last spring, who has moved from Norway to the lower divisions in Germany.
- Interesting to see if T&T International Daryl Roberts has/will arrive to the training camp in Woodbridge, as the Dutch possibilities (Roda JC) are still on the table.


Sir Mo Johnston apparently suggested to Larry Millson in a Globe & Mail report this morning that another player is on his way next week.
"Johnston said he has signed an international player and will have another such signing in about a week"
Is Mo alluding to another foreign signing or is this a Canadian international? The possibility of it being another foreign signing does exist as Johnston alludes to the difficulty signing Canadian players in that same article.