Monday, December 11, 2006

OPINION: Klinsmann to Canada

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I am throwing Klinsmann's name into the CSA coaching search resume pile. And why not? If Klinsmann desires control over an organization he can have it all up here in Canada. He can be the Head Coach, Technical Director, CEO/COO (all high paying CSA positions are currently vacant) . He can continue to live in California - takes just about the same amount of time to fly out to California as it does Vancouver from Toronto. I think he even speaks French. Its a perfect fit - if not for a one tiny, tiny detail - money or lack thereof. Canada after all does not have the same financial capabilities of countries like the United States & Mexico let alone Jamaica and Trinidad.

It would be a chance to write the soccer book in Canada from scratch and replace the history of futility created by inept and unqualified people involved in running the Canadian Soccer establishment. Klinsmann is exactly what Canadian soccer requires - credibility.

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Brian said...

What might need to be cleared up is if the issue of control was the death blow for Klinsi taking over at the USSF, how much control was the issue?

Did USSf want him to run the main team, the Olympic team, the player development and such? Did he just want to run the main team and let the other coaches worry about the other sides?

Remeber, Jurgen went into the German team with only about 16 months to get the main team ready for the World Cup, not to get their Olymic squad ready for qualifying or for running the whole show. That might be why he quit so quickly.