Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Dwayne De Rosario has been offered a new contract including a substantial raise by the Houston Dynamo. MLS has a tendency to undervalue some of their top players, and then quickly turn around and award players like Tony Sanneh or Clint Mathis lucrative deals simply because of their reputation and past glory, and others for anticpated glory Eddie Johnson and Josh Wolff who rarely have put up the numbers and more importantly helped their teams to any level of success that would justify their pay. De Rosario is a proven winner in this league and should be rewarded as such (MLS has done this to Taylor Twellman and Carlos Ruiz as well). If Houston are not ready to provide him with a top level salary, I suggest that they send the three time MLS Cup Champion home to Toronto where he will be taken care of and surely appreciated for the winner that he is.

While I have always rooted for and enjoyed watching Claudio Reyna play, I can't help but suspect that the often injured former US International captain may experience the same fate as another former New Jersey product Tab Ramos and finish his career at home in Giants Stadium in the MLS quietly spending more time in re-hab than being a productive member on the field. One thing is for sure, if the Metrostars/Red Bulls franchise had invested in players like a 20 something Claudio Reyna a few years ago, as it has on high profile, high priced coaches they may have actually won something since 1996 (Eddie Firmani, Carlos Quiroz, Carlos Alberto Perriera, Bora Milnutovitch). Reyna should be announced today at a press conference.

Very interesting interview with Chris Bosch of the Toronto Raptors stating he is a soccer fan. Rumour has it a a couple of Raptors have purchased TFC season tickets.

When I read stuff like this I usually think people are crazy, but when it comes from an MLS GM I really don't know what to think anymore. MLS teams have looked at Zidane apparently.,1,3935657.story?coll=cs-sports-print

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Anonymous said...

Oh stop your drooling over DeRo. If Canada had a professional league worth anything he'd never have left Toronto. Stop lickin ya chops thinkin' you'll get him. Houston Dynamo are going to pay him *handsomely* If you do manage to to get DeRo it will be 11 years from now like Reyna.