Thursday, January 4, 2007


Soccer in North America took a big hit in 2006 losing so many important names: Sir Lamar Hunt, Sir Doug Hamilton, Sir Glynn Myernick, Sir Ahmet Ertegun, and on a local level here in Toronto former Leaf and Raptor owner Sir Steve Stavros who was a long time soccer backer and huge soccer fan. The name that sticks out most on a personal level however was Patrick "Ace" Ntsoelengoe. I remember my first NASL game at CNE Stadium - Toronto Blizzard vs. Chicago Sting - I was 4 years old went home and kicked the ball around in my back yard pretending to be "Ace". While I understand the bottom line especially for coaches is based on winning, I can only hope TFC also undertands that it has an important duty to build a solid foundation that can only be created with the personalities and magical players it presents its customers. Lets hope moreover Toronto FC strives to bring Toronto soccer fans another "Ace" in the coming years.

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