Sunday, January 14, 2007


Several readers have sent emails asking about my opinion on the International Player Sir Mo mentioned on Friday. We should be realistic in our expectations as it will most likely come from a country in Central America, the Caribbean, Africa or perhaps Eastern Europe. Don't expect a player from a traditional soccer powerhouse .

Its Soca Time!!!!

When Sir Mo went to watch Sunderland in December I thought former Soca Warrior Dwight Yorke may have been one of the players he was interested in on the Sunderland roster. Yorke although on his last legs had a great World Cup and had previously looked for new experiences in the Australian A-League before heading back to England. A coaching career is most likely next for Yorke. The new Soca Warrior captain Densill Theobald however is a different story.
(note I've found his name spelled differently on a few different sites)

See if it is Theobald he has already played semi-professional soccer in Toronto. Moreover, he spent some time playing in the CPSL in 2001 with the Toronto Olympians prior to moving to Scotland. Theobald is currently looking for a club and it has been stated in the past that MLS have shown interest in him. On that note Bob Gansler has been one MLS coach that has signed Trinidadian players (Scott Sealy + and Gary Glasgow) in the past. Theobald who played in Germany last summer is interestingly enough the T&T player that marked none other than David Beckham in that fantastic showing during the World Cup. If indeed Theobald is the player Toronto FC is focused on he won't be overly expensive and would create a buzz in the large Caribbean community in our city.

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