Friday, January 5, 2007


I've recieved many emails asking about TFC Message Boards & Fourms with some readers making reference to the lack of posts on the Big Soccer Boards - does this show a lack of interest some are asking. I would suggest that most TFC Fans have been posting to the message boards of their respective supporters groups.

The two best imo are the two major supporters groups - both are run by good people working very hard at promoting this thing of ours - you find TFC Staff frequent these two sites quite a bit. Both boards are very high quality:

The Red patch Boys - probably the most active

The USector - the original discussion board

Less active:

Go Toronto FC:

& finally

Ontario Soccer:

Discuss away lads & ladies!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information. I am also looking for more fan information with regards to Toronto FC and feel that their should be more!

Soccer is the best game in the world and it's great that a pro team is coming to Toronto. I can't wait.

Justin Spray


The agony of being an MLS Fan is that Reading Blogs & other internet fan sites will be your primary destination for coverage. Look at the Toronto Sun this past weekend, he beat writer basically made up a story which required a mild retraction the next day.

Anonymous said...

The season is nearly here! Does anybody know when the single game tickets will be availble?

Justin Spray

Anonymous said...

Come on Toronto FC!

Justin Spray