Saturday, January 13, 2007


Another unpredictable MLS Super Draft. It didn't have as many trades as some previous versions. Unlike other NA professional leagues where scouting is much more organized and developed, MLS does not have the luxury of a Central Scouting System. Much of the leg work is conducted by the coaching staffs of each respective team. This leaves fans with very little concrete information of the vast NCAA ranks. What limited coverage exists is usually conducted by fans or internet junkies with limited resources.

NOTE: The Andrew Boyens pick came about because of immigration issues surrounding the status of his girlfriend in the United States. Boyens apparently told MLS he would not play for a US based team even though many teams rated him highly.

Toronto Media coverage has been great- the Beckham story is a top story in our country right now from all the sports networks, to talk radio, to many newspapers. It has heightend the exposure of the league and the draft coverage saw a positive spin off. The Edgar Davids rumour to Dallas was being reported over NHL stories on some radio stations. It kills me though listening to so called soccer experts putting MLS down. These guys have never watched a minute of MLS soccer yet feel they have the ability to comment on the quality of play.

Here is breakdown of some of the draft related stories from some of the major papers:

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