Sunday, February 4, 2007


As I reported a couple of weeks ago the Toronto organizing committee is in disarray, and now apparently the entire tournament is in big trouble according to Senior Toronto Sun columnist George Gross. This would be yet another example of the legacy of poor management and lack of leadership in Canadian Soccer. If this were to happen it would be a travesty and a total embarrassment to our entire country- and put a serious damper on my travel plans this summer (I was stupid enough to buy my tickets last week). Imagine the backlash over the funding for BMO if this were to happen - it will get very nasty and put a dent in the Toronto FC good news machine. The CSA is, was, and will always be a total joke until a true visionary takes the helm of this association.


Anonymous said...

They should have fired the whole lot of them together with Kevan Pipe. Take a wrecking ball to their hq in Ottawa and move them to Toronto.

Anonymous said...

They can always move it south of the border to Chicago or Seattle. SUM/USSF know how to run a tourney properly.

Anonymous said...

this is a non-story