Tuesday, February 6, 2007


The collection of young players facing the higher profile TFC players played some wonderful soccer this afternoon in a 10v10 game - winning handily with a final score of 3 (or was it 4) - 1 Unfortunately for TFC fans, I overheard a couple of parents saying there was no way they would allow their kids to give up on an NCAA scholarship for the paltry $1100 per month. Who could blame them. Anyway, the young guys (red shirts) included a couple of additions namely the mystery Chinese Player named "Su". Richard Asante joined them in the second half when they became even more potent. York University player Jamall Smith looked solid and definitely not out of place. Canadian youngster Joey Mello is an excellent player amongst the best on the field.
- Paulo Nagamura distributed the ball extremely well from side to side, excellent vision, very smart and confident, still getting adjusted to the surroundings
- Jim Brennan was a non factor - it will take him a while to get back into playing shape.
- Adam Braz had a terrible day - either that or the Chinese Player is the next coming of Maradona.
- Ronnie O'Brien - played out right yet didn't look very comfortable, a total opposite of yesterday where he was very vocal and extremely active in the middle. Frustration showed.
- Defenders Chris Pozniak, Marco Reda, and Adam Braz looked bewildered at times by the onslaught led by Mello, Richard Asante who switched teams in the second half, and the aforementioned mystery Chinese player.
- Greg Sutton was there but didn't play - injury concern perhaps.
- The young keepers rotating in did not impress. Have to wonder if Carmen Isacco will consider serving as a backup at some point.
-Richard Asante was very solid playing left back in the first half for the senior guys and than defensive midfield for the young guys in the second half.
- Matt Palleschi formerly of the Toronto Lynx, was the main target up top for the senior team and showed well when given an opportunity.
- Jeffrey Gonsalves did not stand out - I wasn't even sure which team he was on to be honest. - I'm pretty sure Tyler Hemming was in attendance as I kept hearing players yelling his name.


Anonymous said...

hey these reports are great keep them coming

Anonymous said...

Seriously, good look man.

Aljarov a.k.a Al Clark said...

Does he look like this


THats a 34 year old recently retired Chinese international.

Thunderstrikers said...

I have heard some great things about Joey Melo, but have yet to see him play.

You have peaked my interest in the mystery man.

Has Mo found a diamond in the ruff.


I can't say that he does, but that is an old picture. As for Mello - he may become the first to truly benefit from the exposure MLS can create for young local products.