Friday, March 23, 2007


Toronto FC have confirmed that the BMO will be their jersey sponsor. Not sure what I think about the overall look just yet, but my search for the an original "Toronto FC" jersey (those released last year) has just become a priority!!!

Here is a look via a very dedicated supporter:

Toronto FC - Bank of Montreal Financial Group (BMO)
Real Salt Lake - Xango
Los Angeles Galaxy - Herbalife
New York Red Bulls - Red Bull


Anonymous said...

It looks ok I guess.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least it's not the Toronto Sun logo. That would look hideous, like a big ugly bull's eye in the middle of the shirt.

It looks better on the grey than the home red, but I think the search begins for an older authentic (replicas are finally available on the MLS Store site)home shirt with the "Toronto F.C." text.
I could not agree more that they should have waited a season, but this is MLSE we are talking about here. I guess that with the Make-Me-Laughs missing the playoffs again (and they will) they needed to fill their coffers somehow.

Footie Fool said...

Shameless some original Toronto CF gear available thru my blog...