Saturday, March 31, 2007


According to Colorado Rapids Head Coach Fernando Clavijo, Toronto FC were seriously interested in acquiring Clint Mathis. One might find it strange that Sir Mo was interested in trading for Mathis when he was available for free during the expansion draft back in November. What happened to change Johnston's mind? Basically Mathis earns a huge MLS salary, upwards of $400,000, and Colorado has most likely kept upwards of half of his salary on their books, in order to make him attractive to other MLS teams and unload his services. Mathis has not lived up to his potential or salary since returning from the Bundelsiga. If I recall correctly there were rumours he would return to New York last off season, where Mo served a short tenure as head coach, but nothing came of it and he was traded to Colorado from Real Salt Lake for MLS superstar Jeff Cunningham. It would have been interesting to see who, or what Toronto was offering in exchange, as Clavijo may have had his eye on fellow countryman Jose Cancela, or even Paulo Nagamura who was another piece of the Los Angeles Galaxy MLS Cup Champions in 2005, that he has been re-assembling in Colorado.

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Chris said...

"MLS superstar Jeff Cunningham"

-- 5 letter too many there...

Been drinking at the MLS kool aid fountain?