Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Not much in terms of real news this morning. Toronto FC is back in Florida and scheduled to play Creighton University at 10 a.m. in Bradenton. The Gold Cup Draw is scheduled for later today which will be interesting for all fans of Canadian soccer.

The Toronto Star has a list of signed players and those trying out for the team today. The first I've seen in any of the local papers. Before we all get too excited, just remember the information coming out from the various media sources has been known to be incorrect or conflicting with reports found elsewhere. The most prominent name missing from the Star's list is Uruguayan midfielder Jose Cancela. Others include Jon Paul Piques, Joey Melo, Maycoll Canizalez (or sometimes known as Mike Campos Canizalez Smith), Tyler Hemming, and Hunter West. Jeff Gonsalves and Jammal Smith had apparently been recalled for the next part of training camp yet there names do not appear anywhere on the list either. Tyler Hemming of London was reportedly attending the next phase of training camp, and was apparently without a contract according to a couple of Toronto Sun articles from a couple of days ago, yet his name does not appear. I'll suggest the Star has not included players offered/with developmental contracts. An interesting name included on the list is that of 17 year old Gabe Gala, who is being heavily recruited by NCAA schools. Until today his name was not officially printed anywhere. I can offer that Gala was very impressive during the training scrimmages at the Soccer Centre in early February.

Here is the list printed by the Toronto Star this morning:
The players signed so far are:
Defenders – Andrew Boyens, Adam Braz, Chris Pozniak and Marco Reda.
Midfielders – Richard Asante, Jim Brennan, Maurice Edu, Paulo Nagamura, Ronnie O'Brien, Carl Robinson.
Forwards – Edson Buddle, Conor Casey, Alecko Eskandarian.
Goalkeepers – Greg Sutton, Jon Busch.
Several players remain in training camp without contracts:
Defenders – Gabe Gala and Stephen Lumley.
Midfielder – AJ Gray.
Forwards – Abbe Ibrahim and Andrea Lombardo.
Goalkeeper – Tomer Chencinski.


gkhs said...

I think Cancela's omission is just an oversight. He mentions 16 players under contract, yet only lists 15. My guess is that Cancela is the missing player.

Anonymous said...

just to add info... Piques is not in Bradenton. Jamaal Smith is in Bradenton.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody else know about Hunter West??? I have noticed this guy can score. South Florida scoring machine. PDL scoring champ aswell. Think the FC should really look at this American. He has a few already in FC games. I think we should have a West(Hunter)section in the BMO guys. Go T.O. FC!!!