Friday, April 6, 2007


Toronto FC have traded disgruntled midfielder Jose Cancela to the Colorado Rapids in exchange for a Youth International spot on the roster. Moving Cancela frees up salary cap space, and a Senior International Spot on the roster. It looks to allow for another move. As I speculated here last week, Cancela was most probably a player Toronto offered in the discussions with Colorado as part of a deal for Clint Mathis. Toronto FC were confirmed by Fernando Clavijo to be the other team in the hunt for Mathis last week. Cancela should count as a domestic player for Colorado due to his Green Card status.

A couple of questions about the timing of this move come to mind: (1) Was Cancela the unnamed player Ronnie O'Brien kicked on Tuesday?
(2) Was the Cancela trade completed prior to the news about the extent of the Ronnie O'Brien injury?

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Anonymous said...

It's my understanding that TFC wasn't in the running for Mathis per se - after all, Mo could have taken him in the expansion draft. Mo was trying to work a three way deal involving TFC, Mathis and RBNY