Sunday, April 8, 2007


First off, I'm not terribly disappointed with the result. I understand TFC is a work in progress. I am disappointed however by the lack of intensity and motivation demonstrated by the Toronto players last night. I just wasn't inspired by their play. Yes TFC showed sporadic signs of brilliance in the first half, came close to scoring, and were terribly unlucky. That said they were non existent in the second half. Toronto looked timid, nervous, confused, frustrated, disorganized, and tired - they looked every bit an expansion team. The big name guys didn't show up tonight. Carl Robinson was a major disappointment based on all the hype, and Andy Welsh was not the spark plug we were promised (although he was probably not 100% match fit - I hope). It wasn't all bad though. What did I tell you folks about Maycoll Canizalez when it was discovered he was with the team a couple months back. While he didn't light the game on fire by any means, he was a spark plug all night on the flanks. He is a jewel of a player that will shine in the MLS - take my word for it. Sadly though, he was also probably the least paid player on the field. Greg Sutton also looked solid - he will do well in MLS. All and all, not the perfect start we had all hoped for, but it wasn't all bad either.

Chivas on the other hand looked calm, composed, patient and organized for the most part. Toronto managed to break down their back line a few times, but nothing out of the ordinary in the course of a match.Chivas keeper Brad Guzan was called upon to make several quality saves in the first half. I was shocked to see Jonathan Bornstein start, but aside from that, Chivas was what I expected of them. They controlled the tempo, and dominated the possession, especially in the second half. They were clearly the better and more deserving team on the night. It will be a different story come August when the two teams meet again. Unlike some of the other MLS matches on Saturday, the conditions and weather looked perfect for the game. Though the opening day "real" attendances league wide, was pretty sad. We are going to have to show our American counterparts how its really done on April 28th. Right folks???

NOTES: I know many of you love the TFC strip, and will jump all over me for this, but the players looked awful last night with the red shorts, grey jersey, and grey socks. I'm not a fan of the colour grey, and I follow a strict, unwritten rule, to never wear anything grey in public during the summer (perspiration shows up way too much for my liking). The jerseys didn't stand out on TV either. I would personally much prefer a white away strip anyway. The people watching with me last night poked fun of the uniforms all night, suggesting they looked amateur, and I had to agree. So here is a cry for some help from you folks that read this blog from Adidas Offices on both sides of the Atlantic (I know there are at least a couple of you) - instruct Toronto not to wear the red with grey, or get working on a crisp white third jersey right away. Mo Johnston on the other hand continues to impress me with his suit and tie collection. Along with Fernando Clavijo, Sir Mo is one of the best dressed coaches in all of MLS.

As for the Canadian TV coverage - Craig Forrest was great, but Gerry Dobson is a talking cure for insomnia. He is not a play, play man, not for soccer anyway. He has come a long way over the years, but his voice is hard to tolerate, and his research has much to be desired. I'm probably one of the only people that noticed, yet he repeatedly called out the wrong Chivas players last night, and really, he avoided calling their names as much as he could. He must of said "pardon me" 5 or 6 times - why send him to LA, save the money and have him call the games from a studio if that was the best he could do. I feel really bad for the folks unfamiliar with MLS, trying to get a handle of the players on the other teams. Toronto FC do yourself a favour, find someone else to join Craig, or give the fans the option to watch the Fox Soccer Channel feed and the excellent pregame. My only pet peeve about Craig was that he undervalued Maycoll Canizalez's experience (though he praised his contribution and quality all night). After all, Canizalez was involved with a couple of big German Bundesliga clubs, and has played in the German leagues for the last few years, which is certainly a higher standard than most of the players on the field have ever achieved.

Toronto FC Player Ratings:
GK - Greg Sutton - looked a bit confused on first goal, a couple really good stops, good distribution, looked calm 6
DF - Andrew Boyens - showed signs of inexperience, and nerves, but held his own 5
DF - Marco Reda - solid, calm, not ready for 90 minutes though, injury was too bad 6
DF - Jim Brennan - a quiet night is always good when your a defender, certainly not the Jim Brennan of old 5
MF - Paul Nagamura - gritty performance, forced a couple of turnovers, was fairly active all night 6
MF - Carl Robinson - was easily beat a couple of times; distribution was less than expected, did not live up to the hype 4
MF - Andy Welsh - awkward looking player, obviously not yet 100%, not the spark plug advertised 4
MF - Maycoll Canizalez - best TFC field player tonight imo, was cool, calm, & classy 7
MF - Richard Mulrooney - did his job for the most part, held his own, good player 6
FW - Alecko Eskandarian - had a couple of good chances, did not convert, hard to blame strikers with so little service coming from the midfield 5
FW - Edson Buddle - came close a couple of times, no goals, floated in and out of the game - usual Buddle, tough to blame forwards with so little service from midfield 5

DF - Adam Braz - short stint, poor distribution 4
FW - Conor Casey - looked confused and frustrated, not in tune with teammates just yet 4


Anonymous said...

I don't think I would have rated Braz even that high. He messed up every time he touched the ball

Anonymous said...

it was horrible soccer on display, it was agonizing to watch. why do you waste your time on this shite? there is better soccer in a beer league back home. mls is not for me. i'll check back in 10 years.

Kiwi Fan said...

Can you or anyone else elaborate on the play of Andy Boyens.

thanks mate

Anonymous said...

CHIVAS! CHIVAS! CHIVAS! CHIVAS! you boys looked baaaad tonight! no spirit, no fight! johnston no good coach for MLS! you will see!

Anonymous said...

slight overstatement by that second post but still... that hurt to watch. I'm totally okay with losing if it's because the other side is just a better quality side (which I don't think is too hard to argue against with regard to chivas) but I can not tolerate a half assed effort from a team that wants me to support them. "no spirit, no fight" is hitting the nail on the head. I think the fan base will support the team if it loses even after putting in a hard effort but not if it loses like last night.

TomUWO said...

EEEE, that was awful, terrible football. After watching the EPL saturday morning, followed by the cracking Leafs game I was very excited to see Toronto's first effort. What a shame, the second half was a waste of my time. I'll have to agree with anonymous when he says there is better football in beer leagues all over the world. I would rather dribble a ball in my back yard than watch that display. The game was soo poor that I suspect many fans will never tune in again. You're spot on about the commentry which somehow detracted from the crap on the field. ugh, I hope I can muster the will to watch the next match. Is Andy Welsh handicapped in some fashion? he hobbeled around the field like a drunkard...


One thing I'll fault MLSE on in their great run up to the season, is they haven't prepared the fan base for the quality of soccer in MLS. They have not educated the fan base about the league well enough, nor what to really expect from the onfield product. Perhaps other than Gansler, Cochrane & Jonhston - no one else at MLSE really has a clue about MLS.

I've been watching for years, so last night was no big deal in terms of the quality. Yet I understand where you folks are coming from. The people I watched the game with last night were just like you - poking fun at it, trying to get on my nerves, while the others fought hard to stay awake, knowing how much the game meant to me.

Horrible television production and announcing aside, there will be many games like last night in MLS, and still others where you will be inspired. Having watched the game now both on Sportsnet and FOX - I'll tell you that the match was a much better watch on FOX - much better. That said the onfield product was the same.

And for heaven's sake don;t compare it to the top leagues in England, Italy, Portugal, Greece or what have you. I really hope you folks stay the course. Patience is a virtue afterall.

Anonymous said...

That second half was the worst I've ever seen from any team anywhere.. Mo Johnson needs to work on player motivation big-time! I sincerely hope that was a one time deal because what we saw was terrible coaching last night.

Anonymous said...

i found the camera work did not make me feel any connection with the play.
has the camera man ever heard of a zoom? you don't have to show the whole goddamn field during the play. the players with the ball often looked like ants. It's not like Home Depot is a 70000 seat stadium with the camera in the rafters. they need to get some cameramen who actually know the game and can zoom in enough and then anticipate where the ball will go.

arsenalist said...

> That second half was the worst
> I've ever seen from any team
> anywhere.. Mo Johnson needs to
> work on player motivation
> big-time!

Just stop talking, player motivation? Do you have any idea what you're talking about? It's called fatigue and not having played "real" games. Conditioning for this team is not good and that was obvious in the second half, they just got tired. It has nothing to do with them not trying hard enough or not being motivated. It was their first ever game, motivation was the least of our problems.

Vitakan Sriranganathan said...

To begin just like many of you I was looking forward to this for weeks and I was completely disappointed. I know its not fair to compare the MLS to top leagues in Europe, but I've watched a few League 1 (Third tier in England) games in England and they are so much more exciting. The season debut was completely disappointing, there was no quality at all and more disappointing no heart. Thats what was most angering! The Lynx atleast played with heart. Hopefully they will improve before they play a home game, or they will be booed (at minimum) right off BMO field (and deservedly so).

Biggs said...

Tired my ass! Being a new team is irrelevant, are these guys not professionals, do they not train like the rest? ..and what about Chivas, and every other team in the league, shouldn't they be tired too!?

No "real" games? Looked to me like Toronto had one of the most active pre-seasons of any MLS team.


Kiwi Fan,

Boyens held his own. Looked a bit nervous. If I recall correctly he was caught up field on one play and had to hustle back to cover for Reda who was covering for him.

The first goal was a result of Chivas exploiting the 3 back system and offside trap pushing numbers forward. Although the goal was scored by Razov who was on Andy's side, it was created from the other side of the field. Andy was perhaps somewhat guilty of letting Razov get behind him, but the goal was not his fault as confusion reigned in the Toronto box on the play.