Sunday, April 29, 2007


Much better performance overall TFC looked more organized and composed, finally keeping some meaningful possession.

Greg Sutton 7 - even though there was a deflection, he won't be happy conceding a goal on short side, made a couple of big saves and challenges to keep the Wizards off the scoreboard until the aforementioned Johnson goal
Kevin Goldthwaite 5 - likes to get involved in the attack, a weak challenge on Buddle led to the goal though
Marvell Wynne 6 - strong player when attacking, gets caught up field at times, marking could be better, compensates with his speed
Jim Brennan 6 - he looks to have his conditioning back, what I wouldn't give to see him in midfield again
Andrew Boyens 6 - was solid for the most part, it will be hard for Reda to get back if Boyens plays like he did today
Andy Welsh 6 - much better today, needs to be more creative in his delivery of the ball/crosses as Hartman was easily collecting them all day.
Carl Robinson 5 - several terrible passes ended promising TFC build ups, his composure improved as the game went on though
Maurice Edu 6 - wonderful chance early in the first half from the Marvell Wynee pass would have marked his name in Toronto soccer folklore history, was decent in only second game back
Paulo Nagamura 6 - gravitated towards the middle often leaving acres of space open on the right flank, faded in and out of the game, was generally pretty solid
Danny Dichio 7 - a physical force, great target man with excellent touch on the ball, I'm surprised MLS didn't make a move for him earlier as I understand his wife is an American and he would qualify for a Green card/domestic player. Plays most of the game with his back to the opposing goal, faded in the second half
Alecko Eskandarian 8- continues to impress with his hard work, made several excellent runs, has to get more familiar with Dichio

Maycoll Canizalez 5 - did not see much of the ball, very neutral performance
Edson Buddle 4 - in limited minutes he had an excellent opportunity to get a shot off on what looked to be a good scoring chance, instead of moving towards goal and challenging the defender, he played a square ball across the top of the box to absolutely no one, except for a wall of KC defenders - poor decision, may point to a lack of confidence

Toronto Supporters: 11 - we were simply wonderful, and well behaved to boot.


Nick said...

Esky, Welsh, and Robinson are all too slow and too predictable. Esky's hard work evidently impressed you, but he is famous for working hard and not getting results. He also loses the ball 75% of the time he gets it, which will be a huge liability throughout the season. Robinson and Welsh should be let go for some quicker, more creative players and TFC could improve greatly.

stillkicking said...

agree that Nagamura was not stretching the defence by playing wide enough
disagree with low marks for Welsh, he was playing his wing with speed, determination and a bit of fire.
also felt that Robinson and Edu were strong in central midfield roles. Both were confident on the ball. When you consider how new the team are to each other, Robinson new to the league and Edu fresh from the college ranks, I am looking forward to seeing them progress together this season.

Anonymous said...

Much agreed on Buddle, I do recall that play he looked confused, the entire stadium was horrified to see the play. I think TFC may be stuck with his contract, no one else will surely take him

Moe Biggs said...

I wish Mo would just get odd Buddle's nuts, the guys a sh!t player and having him on the field is like playing a man down.

Dichio I was impressed with, good on-field presence. With better service he could be a key player in MLS.

Welsh and Robinson are crap too, TFC needs a creative player (like Marinelli for KC) in midfield. MLS isn't for them..

Anonymous said...

I disagree with your assesment of Boyens. I'd give him a 2 a best. He's far from solid, he lacks the pace and agility to play at this level. His challenges are poor and he looks tentitive with the ball. His ball possession and passing are so bad that teamates started ingnoring his support offers midway through the first half. He's the type of fullback of opposing teams know they can beat.