Wednesday, April 18, 2007


When I wrote that Mo Johnston is one of the best dressed coaches in MLS a couple of weeks back, I didn't expect anyone else to notice. Well, the Harry Rosen chain of upscale mens suits and clothing stores sure did. I was shocked to see a half page add on page 3 of today's Toronto Star featuring Mo Johnston himself plugging the company. The proceeds for Mo's appearance will go to a charity. Mo sure does know his suit material though, he is wearing Zegna (no not Walter Zenga the former Italian International and MLS player & coach) which is just about the best material out there. By the way Mo, stick to the grey and black, that brown one looks terrible on you. Check out for an extensive interview with our trade happy leader - its good reading.

TV RATINGS: I was told the Canadian TV Ratings for the Toronto FC game on the Score over the weekend was a lowly 15,000. Now either the person I spoke to was pulling my leg, he missed a zero, or there were only a handful of fans watching this game across the country. Numbers like that won't bode well for TFC's image in the corporate community.


Footie Fool said...

Do you think it does them good to be hoping around networks all the time.? Fist, Sportsnet, then the Score, then the CBC. Or is it exposing them to each networks fan base adn that is a good thing to introduce the team to the Canadian sports community?


I'm still praying those numbers were not correct. In an ideal world having a consistent time slot, station, announcers etc... would be the best thing imo. Beggars can't be choosers and the most important thing though is that all the games will be on television.

In fairness, The Score itself isn't all that watched to begin with, and the measuring of ratings is a funny thing (only those with Nielson boxes are measured - at least I think that is how it still works). Even if 100,000 people were watching the match, the Nielson sample is all that advertisers and the media industry look at. If numbers like that become the norm (which is unlikely), it might become difficult for TFC to get all their matches on the air during year 2.

Anonymous said...

I really can't understand why anyone would watch The Score. Too much going on with the everpresent ticker.

I for one watched the game on WSBK - Boston....otherwise it would have been 15,001!

PS, I'm not sure what I will do next year when they pick up the EPL feed!