Saturday, April 21, 2007


A comment made on Alecko Eskandarian's Blog caught my eye: "Within the last few days, 7 guys were either traded or released, and new players were brought in to replace them. It's always tough to see a teammate go, especially after you spend time getting to know the person."
Mulrooney, Cancela, Casey makes 3 out of 7 - who were the other 4???

Good news for Canadian soccer fans coming out of Los Angeles is that Kevin Harmse has found a home with the Galaxy.

The deal to build a new stadium for the San Jose Eathquakes on the campus of San Jose State University, replacing Spartan Stadium, looks to be dead. Not sure if Lew Wolff the owner of the Oakland A's will continue with his quest to land a team for the Bay Area, or if this latest round of bad news is the end of the line. While much of the focus appears to have been with communities in the South Bay, I've often wondered if options/interested communities exist further north in cities like San Francisco, or across the Bay Bridge, in East Bay communities like Oakland.

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