Sunday, April 15, 2007


A 4 nil defeat = no one gets over 5 in my book!

Greg Sutton - 5
I feel sorry for what he is going to have to endure this year. Sutton didn't have the presence he did last week. When he saw Welsh lose his man on the fourth goal, he needed to come off his line and mow Ralston down hard - he didn't
Marco Reda - 5
a bright spot if such a thing exists when you lose 4-0, the 3 man system ain't working, not his fault
Jim Brennan - 4
I thought he did a decent job distributing the ball, and saved a sure goal when he was forced to deflect a shot, that came about because Andy Welsh let his man get a cross in from the touch line.
Andy Boyens - 2
Confused, bewildered, out of his element tonight. Poor man marking, and distribution of the ball out of the back (giveaways) The foul that led to the penalty would have made the Kiwi All Blacks Rugby team proud.
Andy Welsh - 2
Two goals directly from his side via Steve Ralston runs, he gave up the ball way too easily, and again showed terrible distribution. He is very predictable and appears to lack imagination, pace, and creativity.
Carl Robinson - 5
Is a good player in need of others at his level of understanding. Still needs to be sharper and harder defensively though.
Miguel Canizalez - 3
Reality check for Miguel tonight. He wasn't matched up well against the speed and size of Smith, and was made to pay for it. Less active on the offensive side too.
Richard Mulrooney - 4
Although he too had problems with Smith, when backing up Canizalez, I thought he showed good distribution of the ball
Paulo Nagamura - 3
Has to be better, as distribution was very poor. Not as active as last week.
Edson Buddle - 2
Great first touch no doubt, yet he had a another clear chance in front of goal and failed to convert. The first two Revs goals originate from turnovers he caused up the field.
Alecko Eskandarian - 5
Again no goals scored, but he continues to plug away and work hard, something all Toronto fans will appreciate. He had a couple of decent strikes at goal and checked way back to get the ball a few times.

Conor Casey - 5
I thought he showed well, good movement, held up the ball, yet nothing came of it.
Abbe Ibrahim - NR
Did not see enough of him. Though he almost scored on the last second Mulrooney cross.


arsenalist said...

Andy Welsh has definitely been awful and he was one of the players I was expecting a lot from in terms of setting an example for other players.

I really like Alecko and his consistent efforts in providing some kind of an offensive threat. He had had some nice strikes today and if he had just a little more ammunition to work with, we might even have scored.