Thursday, April 19, 2007


According to the Globe & Mail, Toronto FC traded American striker Conor Casey to the Colorado Rapids for undisclosed allocations, a third round draft pick, and the rights to British Colombia native Riley O'Neill. O'Neill was drafted in the Supplemental Draft in January, yet decided to try his luck with St. Pauli of the German league.

I'm not too sure what is happening in TFC land, but I sure do hope Sir Mo has a game plan in place. I don't recall a flurry of trades and signings made by one team, in such a short period of time, in all my years following MLS (that, or I'm losing my mind which is also very likely). So much for having patience and building a cohesive unit. Toronto FC has become a revolving door.

Could this move be a salary dump in anticipation of more moves to come? Toronto has cleared a minimum of $200,000 from their salary cap with this move, and at least $300,000 over two days with Mulrooney's departure yesterday (considering the contracts of Marvell Wynne & Kevin Goldthwaite in this scenario have been added) .

After the long wait for Casey, Toronto has basically given him away for a player they passed on during the Supplemental Draft and allocations. This just doesn't make sense without more movement ahead. With the top picks in the first and second rounds of the Supplemental Draft, Toronto FC decided to select two players (Jarod Smith of New Zealand, & Daryl Roberts of Trinidad) who by-passed MLS for European ambitions, and American Hunter West in the third round who was cut in pre-season. The "undisclosed" allocations are the key to the deal for Toronto, but could we also see O'Neill returning sooner than later?

Like most following Toronto FC, I am totally confused with what has happened in TFC land this week. Mo continues to show shuffle the roster, and is apparently not done yet as he continues to search for a backup keeper. I'm not sure if we should be excited or worried.


Nick said...

There is no plan. It's a joke. Trading for guys, drafting guys, bringing in allocations left and right and then dumping them. What kind of a plan is that? Wasn't Casey supposed to be an important allocation? Mulrooney? Cancela? Now you're stuck with Buddle and Esky up top--both are atrocious, and a slow, uncreative midfield. Mo has certainly proven he is a horrible roster builder in MLS. TFC has already hit the panic button bc they can smell Chivas and RSL '05 all over again...You need a latin american midfielder and forward ASAP to get competitive in this league... said...

I really don't know what mo is up too. Today I read this wierd article on the cbc site "Johnston says his players are in the dark about other teams and blames poor TV exposure" He basically states that local tv channels should show more mls games not involving TFC so 18 players can learn about another team. Its called a tape Mo, if you want your players to learn a little bit about the upcoming team put the tape in the VCR or maybe buy a satellite. I'm beginning to question the competence of this guy.