Saturday, May 19, 2007


MLSE are apparently reviewing policies about allowing umbrellas into the stadium during matches. I hope the ban on "large" Canadian flags will also be reviewed in time for July!!!! How about some TV monitors around the concourses so fans can follow the game while below the stands - near the washrooms or "rest rooms" would be great considering the line-ups.

Was I hearing things or did the announcer actually call the added time "Esquire Added Time" at the Houston match??? Purolator is already on board for the official MLS Match "Ball courier." What's next the National anthem??

I must say the 7:00 p.m start the other night was really tough to make. I managed to make it down from with about 20 minutes to spare having left at 5:15, but it was obvious that most fans made there way in after the game was under way. I was lucky enough to avoid the rush into the CNE that hit around 6:50 pm. It didn't help that the Toronto baseball team was playing at the same time, rush hour traffic was in full swing, and the single lanes around the CNE leading to the parking lots, become parking lots themselves during match days. I think one or two of the newspapers had the game starting at 7:30 as well which probably confused some. With only two more weekday regular season matches and the exhibition matches with Benfica and Aston Villa scheduled for the weekdays, pushing weekday games to 7:30 or 8:00 p.m starts would be awesome.

The in stadium announcer sounds exactly like Andy Frost from the Air Canada Centre and Q-107, and does an excellent job. Yet the lady used for the Canada - Argentina exhibition last Friday was simply terrible. In their attempt to make the match sound like some type of international olypic style event no doubt, I assume the organizers hired a female voice for the U-20 World Cup. Message to those running the show at the Toronto organizing committee- its not swimming and its not figure skating - get her out!!!

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