Thursday, May 3, 2007


According to a post made on the Toronto Red Patch Boys Supporters message boards dedicated to the Guevara trade - poster "mlsintoronto" (aka. Toronto Director Paul Beirne - Toronto's version of Peter Wilt you might say) claimed "its not happening". Its not known if Beirne was ruling out the trade or the associated rumours that Guevara was acquired as bait to secure Dwayne De Rosario from Houston.

Luis Bueno, the soccer beat writer at the Press Enterprise newspaper in Southern California ran the story this morning claiming someone within Chivas USA has confirmed the trade to him. It should be noted that Bueno and Andrea Canales are the writers for LA Soccer News, where the story first originated

It will be very interesting to see how this plays out over the next few hours (actually this being MLS - it may take a few days) before we know if the trade was actually completed. Although I like Nagamura and he has tremendous up side at his age, Guevara was traded for a DP, so unless Chivas have something lined up and needed the cap space quickly, I'm having a hard time thinking this deal is a sure thing at this point. Sit tight TFC fans!

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