Friday, May 4, 2007


Thanks to MLS Underground for the heads up.

TORONTO FC (Base Salary/Guaranteed Salary)
1. Robinson Carl M $300,000.00 /$315,000.00
2. O'Brien Ronnie M $240,000.00 /$258,750.00
3. Welsh Andrew M $195,000.00 /$204,750.00
4. Eskandarian Alecko F $155,000.00 /$175,500.00
5. Dichio Daniel F $150,000.00 /$158,125.00
6. Brennan Jim D $150,000.00 /$158,000.00
7. Buddle Edson F $140,000.00 /$150,000.00
8. Sutton Greg GK $125,000.00 /$132,562.50
9. Reda Marco D $100,000.00 /$105,000.00
10. Pozniak Chris D $90,000.00 /$95,000.00
11. Nagamura Paulo M $89,250.00 /$89,250.00
12. Braz Adam D $67,200.00 /$74,950.00
13. Edu Maurice M $50,000.00 /$132,500.00
14. Wynne Marvell D $47,500.00 /$150,000.00
15. Canizalez Maycoll M $36,000.00 /$40,000.00
16. Boyens Andrew D $30,000.00 /$47,500.00
17. Ibrahim Abdoulaye F $30,000.00 /$31,250.00
18. Goldthwaite Kevin D $30,870.00 /$30,870.00
19. Djekanovic Srdjan GK $17,700.00/ $17,700.00

Gala Gabriel M $12,900.00 /$12,900.00
Guzman David M $12,900.00/ $12,900.00
Hemming Tyler M $17,700.00 /$17,700.00
Lombardo Andrea F $17,700.00/ $17,700.00
Lumley Stephen D $12,900.00 /$12,900.00
Melo Joey M $12,900.00 / $ 12,900.00

The number that stands out for me is the $200k given to Andy Welsh. That is a very good MLS contract, and he has certainly done little to justify that sort of money.


Anonymous said...

hahaha if anything Buddle should be paying TFC for even letting him wear the kit!

Anonymous said...

wow joey melo, a 17 year old kid, makes 13000 US?? sweet. at that age I was reaching into the couch to find change.

Anonymous said...

Andy Welsh stuck out to me as well. He actually makes more than Dwayne de Rosario... unbelievable.


(1)Buddle - Mo is a big backer of Buddle, but if he doesn't do anything soon to justify his pay, he may be one player Toronto will ahve a tough time dumping given his salary.
(2)You hope some of these young players looked seriously at NCAA College Options because there is no guarantee they will ever make a career out of playing in MLS. Turning their back on a free education may come back to haunt some of these young men.
(3)Yeah - this is where it gets frustrating for guys like De Ro & Joseph - they are the upper tier in this league and a medicore at best import like Welsh, who probably couldn't find a decent offer in Europe comes over and is making more. MLS has to do better!!!

Anonymous said...

dichio, brennan & esky look like bargains compared to welsh. mo tied up $350,000 in two of the worst players i've ever watched play - buddle, welsh. canizlaez has not been great but he is a very good deal at $40,000 compared to welsh. i hope mo wakes up because if he is such a good judge of talent as he said he was, toronto would get rid ot buddle and welsh now.

stillkicking said...

The big picture, we must look at the big picture folks. If you are counting out the contract dollars at MLSE, you would be thinking that Welsh and Buddle combined take home less than any one player on the Raptor or Leaf bench.
(MLSE paid Alvin Williams 6.8 million this year to not play basketball for them).
The lowest Leaf salary is 450,000
Give both Welsh and Buddle time. I think Buddle is better as depth on the bench, but Welsh is adjusting to a new league and shows promise. PATIENCE

Nick said...

300K to Carl Robinson...What a bargain....:)

Anonymous said...

i think the best signing tfc made is in maurice edu...great player and is going to pay dividends late into the year