Thursday, December 21, 2006


Sir Mo revealed some good info about TFC's finances:
- Of the $350,000 in allocation money acquired in trades approx. $175,000 remains after the acquisitions of Ronnie O' Brien & Greg Sutton.
- $1 million of original allocation funds still available
- $800,000 of salary cap still remaining (I am really hoping he meant TFC have used up only $800,000) on 7 players - Reda, Pozniak, Sutton, Braz, O'Brien, Nagamura, Buddle + Brennan who was signed prior to draft
- couple of comments about draft picks - 1 on board chance at another draft pick;
- looking to clear approx. $15ok- $200k off salary cap


Aljarov a.k.a Al Clark said...

Hi Mate

TFC have the following players with known 2006 contracts from MLS:

Jose Cancela $126,000
Richard Kotschau $70,050
Paulo Nagamura $85,000
Ronnie O'Brien $168,750
Edson Buddle $110,625
Rod Dyachenko (Was on Dev, lets assume min wage of $28k)

Total = $588,425

Add in the fact he's added 5 Canadians (All internationals):

Marco Reda
Greg Sutton
Jim Brennan
Chris Pozniak
Adam Braz

Let's say they make the league 'average' (Hugely inflated by a half dozen $$$ contracts) of about $90k.

5 x $90k = $450,000

Total = $1,038,425

2006 Cap = Approx $1.8m (or $1.9m) depending where you read it.

So, given he said he's got about $800k left (and we understand that the cap has gone up 'significantly), I would guess that the Canadians are acutally averaging more than the league average as a whole and that he really does only have $800k left.

Remember....10 spots will be taken up by DEV contracts who will have no more than $16,500 (on 2006 $), with probably half on $11,700 contracts. Even if you take the higher of those two numbers that's only a max of $165,000 towards the cap, leaving $635,000 to add 7 players (or about $90k each).

Let's also not forget that he can use the allocation money against wages if need be, either to buy down on his salary, or to offset against the cap if needed.

Then, of course, there's the designated player slot, if needed.

Bottom line - bags of room, and not shaping up too badly at all!




Great breakdown. Brennan's contract as well as some of the other Canadians may be supplemented by MLSE due to the marketing efforts these players have been involved with locally. I don't think Braz is making as much as the others yet I would suspect that the contracts of Reda. Pozniak and Sutton are hovering around the $100,000 mark. I am assuming all contract figures for Toronto FC will be in US dollars (not that there is a huge difference anymore in terms of the exchange rate) which will stretch each players salary that much farther when living in Canada.