Friday, December 22, 2006


The tryouts turned out to be nothing more than a very successful publicity stunt. It was much better planned than I had originally anticipated. What now looks like a well written script included a dream ending for 1 participant - a member of the York University Lions coached by Paul James (James was helping out at the tryouts):

My hope is that the tryouts provided a platform for some of those 13, 14, and 15 year olds to showcase themselves for spots on the youth teams and a future academy.


anon said...

do you think maybe Mo made private offers to other players to come to training camp?


Mo will be looking at many players during training camp and during the season as well in order to fill out the roster. I'm positive there are both local players and Canadian born or foreign born players playing abroad or out of contract that will get a look. In New York last year he held a mini-camp just for 25 or so foreign players so he could get a look. Were players at the tryouts asked privately - it is very possible. I think many people that are not following the team closely believed the tryouts would be the source of the balance of the player pool when in reality it was more of a public relations opportunity with local players and media event.

kolee said...

is it styll possible to tryout for the toronto fc team?