Saturday, December 23, 2006


This article mentions Sir Mo has shown interest in Steven Pressley, Alan Thompson, & Stephen Pearson.
I'm not quite sure as to why New Jersey based Ives Galarcep picked Matt Holland as a Toronto FC target for his ESPN article - was Ives specualting? or has he been talking to agents or his MLS contacts and the name came up? Mo was in England a couple of weeks ago however Charlton was not one of the teams he went out to watch play. I'm stretching it a little here yet Holland played for Ipswich where many Canadians have played over the years a connection to Craig Forrest may be remotely possible however Forrest was moving on as Holland arrived.

I just pray and ask Sir Mo for one thing - don't waste allocation money on another Peter Canero! The UK hasn't been the best recruiting area for MLS coaches over the years. A bad season and another Peter Canero or two may be big trouble for a budding coach like Sir Mo.

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