Friday, December 22, 2006


Toronto FC were busy with yet another announcement this time a trade for Alecko Eskandarian.

I'm sure Alecko will be a fan favourite amongst the large Persian fan base in Toronto. Alecko comes from good pedigree as his dad Andranik played for Iran at the 1978 World Cup in Argentina and was one of the most reliable New York Cosmos defenders during his days in the NASL. With two former Cosmos players calling Toronto home - Robert Iarcusi & Carmine Marcantonio it will be quite the Cosmos reunion when he comes north of the border to watch his son play next summer.

I must say I am a fan of Alecko from his play at DC United over the years and he is a proven commodity in the MLS yet I have noticed that he has lost a step or two due to nagging injuries. And to think he has to play 15 games on Field Turf at BMO - there is risk factor to this deal. One can only hope this newest generation of field turf product is better than versions I've played on recently (including a fairly recent installation) because it just doesn't "give" when changing direction as easily as a good natural grass field.

Alecko has been called into the US National team camp by Bob Bradley & Piotr Nowak for their camp next month so we may get to see him in action fairly soon.


Eric said...

Also remember that Alecko's family are ethnic Armenians who found themselves forcibly moved to Iran by the Turks. Alecko is a proud Armenian, and has been politically active lately.

Fiery Player, Simmering Conscience

He's a great personality, we're going to miss him with United.

DCUnited Fan said...

Hello Toronto people. Congratulations on getting a shiny new soccer team.

Now, you are on notice. We are going to fly to Toronto, watch our boys kick your boys' collective ass, and then kidnap Esky and bring him back home with us.

Fair warning, and all. :-)