Monday, January 15, 2007

RUMOUR: Is Jacek Bak Toronto FC Bound???

This was brought to my attention earlier tonight. Sir Mo Johnston provided a similar hint about a captain of an international side when coaching the Metrostars/ Red Bulls last year, which led to the speculation in New York that he was looking at Jacek Bak of Poland. My only reservation about this rumour is that Sir Mo has specifically said the player he is looking at is a "midfielder". He did mention at the press conference today that the player was a great distributor ("passer") of the ball which by all accounts Bak is.

Sir Mo confirms Bak was the player he was after last eason in New York in the following interview:

Again Mo has said he was looking specifically for a midfield player and has stated several times Toronto FC will not sign an ageing mid-30's type. Also of interest is the list provided at the very end of the article includes Marc Bircham - is that Canadian Marc Bircham at Queens Park Rangers (QPR last time I checked anyway) he was referring to?

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