Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Will the Kansas City Wizards ever reveal where they are going to play their home games this year? The Wizards have played at Arrowhead Stadium since its inception in 1996, however with renovations beginning soon, the Wizards have been forced to look for a new temporary stadium. Unfortunately the Kansas City Area does not have many suitable alternatives on either side of the state line (Missouri or Kansas). While some discussion has surfaced that Arrowhead Stadium itself may be functional depending on where the actual renovations begin, the possibility of not returning is more likely. Kansas City's new ownership group has focused their search on high school and recreational facilities. Unlike many cities in the United States, the KC area does not have an abundance of university/college stadium alternatives with adequate seating.

When the Chicago Fire were placed in a similar situation several years ago they made a successful transition to a small college facility in Naperville, Illinois upgrading the seating capacity and turning the football stadium into a cozy home field. Any of the Kansas City facilities being discussed will require a major upgrade in order to reach a 10,000 seat. While not likely discussed one has to wonder if the ownership group have considered a temporary move to Wichita, Kansas (once home to a very successful MISL team) or even St. Louis .

So with many people accusing the MLS of not releasing their schedule in order sell season's ticket packages and capitalize on the Beckham news last week, a schedule is not possible until the Kansas City Wizards establish a home facility for the 2007 MLS season. One has to wonder what the reaction will of the world media & local media here in Toronto will be when they find out that Kansas City is playing out of a high school facility.


George said...

They aren't going to play in Wichita or St Louis. You don't just wave a wand and magically decide which local facility you play at. We are told they are in negotiations. But really, it won't be so tragic if we are playing at a 10,000 seat HS facility for 2 years, especially when they, KC, announce the new stadium.


Point well taken. The Wizards however have known about this renovation for a long time so its surprising that a professional team has not announced where they intend to play a few short months to opening day. From what I can see any of the facilites mentioned will require updgrades in terms of seating and media accomodations. Quality engineering and construction upgrades will require planning, approvals and time to complete.