Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Pondering Friday.


OPTION 1 - US Under 20 Chris Seitz of Maryland is my personal pick for first overall. This however is contingent on Seitz being designated a YI . If the US qualify for the World Youth Championships Seitz will be away for a long stretch between training camp and the tournament. Toronto would therefore require a Canadian MLS caliber backup in the event Sutton gets hurt (he spent part of the 2006 USL campaign injured btw) - and this won't be easy to find. The only available domestic based Canadian keeper that has had some success at the USL level is Theo Zagar formerly of the Toronto Lynx. I doubt any of the foreign based keepers will make the journey back. BTW, Carmine Issaco the TFC goalkeeper coach is a Maryland alum.

OPTION 2 - US Under 20 Maurice Edu again another Maryland product. Like Seitz I am under the assumption that he will count as a YI in Toronto as I can't see Toronto using a SI or USA SI on unproven players.

OPTION 3 - A local product Jeffrey Gonsalves would be great from a local Public Relations stand point. Gonsalves however is not a # 1 overall pick type of player in my opinion so a trade down may be in the cards if they go this route.

OPTION 4 - Mo likes to wheel and deal and was involved in the trade for the first overall selection last year. Mo has stated he would like to have two picks in the first round. He has also gone on record stating the decision about the first pick was made a couple of months ago. However with local media coverage bound to be pretty high, and the Score Network covering the first round live nationally I'm thinking Toronto would like to keep the top pick or minimum come out of the first round with newsworthy additions to the team. If they out right trade the # 1 pick, the compensation will have to be pretty darn good. Lets not forget other than McBride and Adu who were taken under special circumstances at # 1 overall, and Eskandarian, the first pick overall has been unlucky for most teams.

Some theoretical trade scenarios:

Mo trading the first overall pick to old buddy Alexi for the two Galaxy first round picks (Mo also covets Ante Jazic and Nathan Sturgis from LA although the later is very unlikely to be moving anywhere anytime soon).

Even though I've admired Ritche Kotschau over the years I'm not convinced Mo intends to keep him here. Sir Mo has made little reference to Kotschau since selecting him in November and more importantly he is the third and final US International designated player allowed on the current roster. If TFC can free up the Kotschau USA SI spot they can use it on Ronnie O'Brien who has a Green Card which will free up another SI spot. U-25 Americans are attractive to TFC as they can be designated as YI (3 YI Spots are open at the moment). We know Sigi likes Ritchie so a move back to Columbus may be possible.

I would be heart broken if Jose Cancela leaves as I feel he will prove his worth in this league with consistent playing time. Mo has mentioned that Jose will play for TFC yet has also suggested that teams have made inquires regarding his availability. I can see Colorado making a play for him - but for what or who?

Rod Dyachenko has one year remaining as a YI and Mo has gone on record stating that DC wanted him back after the expansion draft. While Mo may appreciate Dyachenko, my take is that Mo looks at him simply as a valued commodity. A commodity that may be able to pry a late first round draft pick or be packaged in a trade. I have a hunch he ends up back in DC or in New Jersey with the Red Bulls.

ROUND 2: Traded Pick to Dallas in Ronnie O'Brien trade

ROUND 3: If I am overestimating the value of Jeff Gonsalves (especially as he did not take part in the combine) and he is still available, he has to be taken here. My gut says Riley O'Neill will be selected in this slot though.

ROUND 4: Riley O'Neill if Gonsalves sticks around to round 3, or Tyler Hemming from Hartwick College.

*** From the various combine reports I'm thinking Richard Asante and Nigel Marples may be better suited for the Supplemental Draft.

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