Friday, February 16, 2007


The Toronto Star article this morning regarding ticket sales has really ticked a nerve. TFC is a business with 20 dates to sell, the least of their worries will be August 5th. If fans aren't willing to purchase a package for whatever reason, the consequence is they may not have a chance to watch David Beckham - and that's too bad. They don't write articles for Leaf, Blue Jay, or Raptors fans when they get shut out of the big fixtures. If the fan mentioned in the article is really interested in the team, he has a chance to attend any one of the 7 games before August 5th & perhaps a couple of friendlies.

What Toronto FC should do, when they start selling single game tickets, is reward every single supporter who purchased the original $53.00 deposit through ticketmaster, with a window to purchase single game tickets before the general public. Those fans (I am one myself) made a commitment to TFC & MLS many months before the Beckham bandwagon, and even before Sir Mo, and Jim Brennan were signed. These are many of the U-Sector, Red Patch Boys, Liverpool Supporters and other die hard fans who believed in pro soccer when pro soccer has let many of them down repeatedly over the years. If Toronto FC is really concerned with building loyalty they should reward those fans first. Whatever tickets remain should go out to the public. I'm not saying that anyone who purchased tickets after the season ticket packages became available are any less worthy than those of us that bought before, however, a financial commitment was made by a few thousand supporters and in exchange TFC made many promises about advantages of paying that deposit. In my opinion Toronto FC would be smart to return the loyalty back to those fans.

My fear is that many of those post Beckham season ticket packages sold, will result in empty seats for the other 19 games at BMO. They bought the packages for the Beckham game, will try a couple of others maybe, and never return. Personally, I look at the Beckham game like any other. If for whatever reason he doesn't play or show up, I could care less. Moreover, I would welcome the news if it means Toronto FC can more easily secure points from that game.
On the other hand, I would love the opportunity to secure a few more tickets for April 28th, so that I can take my extended family and some friends on top of the tickets I purchased. Its the least I can do considering all the Saturday's where plans have revolved around the start and end times of some meaningless mid summer Kansas City Wizards - Miami Fusion game on the dish.

Wouldn't that space in the paper today have been better served with updating fans on training camp, with quotes from Sir Mo instead of Tom Anselmi??? Just my opinion.


Anonymous said...

the funny thing is, the TRUE FANS aren't making a big deal about the beckham game. Most true fans know that 1) one player doesn't make a team and 2) Beckham is good but he's not Pele.
The people who are complaining are teenage girls and beginner fans who just love Beckham and probably couldn't name another player in MLS.
I also take issue at people who complain they can't get tickets to this game without buying season's or mini packs. If you're a TRUE FAN you won't just buy one game, the Beckham game. You'll buy more for the chance. I hate the sense of entitlement these people have over the Beckham game, as if this is some communist soccer empire where everyone should have a chance at the game. It's capitalism and you could have EASILY had tickets to this game for $200 if you bought supporter's seats long ago.

Sorry for the rant, but I hope these idiots read this blog and see this.

joga said...

here here!!
well said, i too am a supporter who purchased his tix well in advance - October 11, 2006 to be exact... i live right around the corner from BMO place and know that my 4 seats (with three other buddies) will be full every game.

we have a deal worked out so that we each get all 4 seats for 4 regualr season games - so that i can bring my Dad & Bro who are huge fans and don't live in the area to a game... i also have family coming in from Europe this summer (and most summers) and would love nothing more then to show them the MLS up close and in-person. having access to tix (not only for Becks) is a great idea, this will guarantee TRUE fans of the game get to fill seats.

great idea, i really hope this is something that MLSE will consider

keep up the good work
section 114


(1) I can just imagine what the USECTOR, Red Patch Boys, Liverpool Supporters amongst others will chant and sing when pretty boy comes to town. It probably won't be something you would want young kids listening too.