Thursday, February 15, 2007


With very little coming out of Toronto FC training camp in Florida, I'd like to share some Toronto related MLS trivia for those of you interested in spending some time polishing up on some MLS history.

(1) Name the the two former MLS Head Coaches who had been involved in some capacity with the Toronto Blizzard??? (Hint - the first was a coach, the other an on field player with the Blizzard).

(2) Name the four former Toronto Blizzard players who have suited up for MLS teams since the MLS inception back in1996??? (Hint - think CSL version)

(3) Chivas USA coach Preki is regarded as one of the greatest indoor soccer players of all time. Yet a Toronto native & former Toronto Blizzard player is actually the all time point leader in indoor professional soccer. Who was he??? This player was invited to the inaugural MLS Combine in 1996, but was not drafted due to his relatively high wage demand. (Hint: It is not Toronto native & San Diego Sockers legend Branko Segota) .

(4) Name the two former Toronto Maple Leafs who played professional soccer during their NHL careers? One was involved with the NASL Blizzard & CSL North York Rockets, the other played in the upstart PUMA League at Lamport Stadium. (This is an easy one imo)

While not Toronto related, I thought this question is fitting considering the announcement made last week:

(5) With Colorado now linked to Arsenal, who was the former Arsenal midfielder to play for the Rapids? Hint - it wasn't any of these former Rapids players Roy Wegerle, Ian Butterworth, or Chris Woods.

I'll post the answers this weekend.


Anonymous said...

For #5 I wouldn't count Gilles Grimandi unless you count showing up for preseason and then bailing as "playing".


No not Grimandi. I totally forgot about him. No this player was with them for a couple of years.

tunasam said...

Q4 = Peter Zezel & Tie Domi

Anonymous said...

this was very interesting. i'm new to mls and canada so i needed to look this stuff up i think question 3 is hector marinnaro, and question 5 is andreas limpar from swden. am i correct