Monday, February 19, 2007


- According to , the team tied the Canadian U-20 Men's National Team 1-1 on Saturday in Florida during a scrimmage. Miguel Canizalez scored for TFC.

- Dean McNulty the Soccer/Racing beat reporter at the Toronto Sun is down in Florida covering the Daytona 500. Lets hope he gets out to catch some Toronto FC pre-season and report back.

- According to Toronto Sun Senior Columnist George Gross, former NHL VP, and current MISL President Steve Ryan, would like to see indoor soccer teams in Canadian markets in the future. The cities mentioned in the article were: Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax.


Anonymous said...

I would think Steve Ryan would want a team anywhere he can get one. With 6 teams and losing 1-2 per year, he's gotta keep up the search for "fresh money". It's sad to see money lost with no plan (I can see) for future viability.


Well apparently with teams in the works in Mexico and New Jersey things are looking up. Indoor Soccer will be a tough draw in a market like Toronto. The Toronto Shooting Stars looked like they were on course to be a viable team several years ago however their ownership group collapsed before they even kicked a ball, leading to major problems for all involved at Maple Leaf Gardens. Another attempt out at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga a few years later involved Paul Coffee, and a former big exec over at the Blue Jays, but that too collapsed within a year. Indoor will be a very tough sell in Toronto.

Anonymous said...

Every year things are "looking up" with proposed expansion teams. The game plays a little like hockey and with NLL popular over MLL in Canada, you'd think MISL would already be there. California and Chicago seem on shaky ground per most people who follow the sport. MISL does seem to end up with 6 teams every year, just rarerly the same 6 for years in a row. This version of the league has been around since 1984 (Milwaukee the only original teams left). 3/6 current teams have started since 2004. Baltimore - '92, Philly '96. I just don't see how the league expects to earn money, what's the plan? In 2004 since 3 teams have been added, Dallas and KC went on "hiatus", San Diego and Monterrey folded MIDSEASON, and Cleveland and St Louis folded. That's +3, -6. Now they seem to have "firm" plans to add New Jersey and Orlando while trying to ressurect past teams. Approach with caution Canada.