Monday, February 19, 2007


When I left for work this morning, Toronto FC had apparently tied the Canadian U-20 Nats 1-1 in a scrimmage over the weekend - this according the official website. By the time I arrived home, the same report had TFC winning that scrimmage 3-0. Its not an official game, so it doesn't really matter either way, but you have to wonder how the heck that happens??? I guess we can somewhat make sense of adding a goal to the score, but how exactly do you take one away from your opponent? I also noticed they referred to Miguel-Maycoll- Mike Campos-Canizalez as a Canadian in the second article. I swear it said he was Salvadoran in the initial release. I had wondered all day if I had the right guy pegged this weekend.

BTW, I did make a mistake in my trivia post yesterday. I had Scott Norwood hailing from Oakville, when in reality it was Steve Christie who hails from Oakville. Thanks to the reader who caught that and brought it to my attention.

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