Friday, February 16, 2007


Toronto FC won their second pre-season match 3-0 against a selection of Honduran Players - presumably locals from the Miami area. Miguel Canizalez played for Toronto FC - which is fantastic news. More to come later.
- Supplemental draft pick Hunter West scores 2
- very interesting that there is no mention of Jose Cancela - he didn't appear in the game summary, nor did they mention him out with an injury
- as reported Carl Robinson hasn't arrived yet
- still no sign or announcement on Conor Casey.
- Jamaican International Garfield Reid is now officially in camp
- Colombian International Hector Hurtado played yet again
- Junaid Hartley ??? was listed - not sure who this is
- Local Toronto product Andrea Lombardo back from playing in Italy including stints with Atalanta of Bergamo reportedly did very well
- Ronnie O'Brien, Maurice Edu + Alecko Eskandarian out injured today
- Local Toronto native Miguel (sometimes known as Mike Campos) Canizalez who was originally born in El Salvador and has played in the German leagues for many years, appeared in the second half. His career is one filled with unfortunate injuries, yet he is certainly a player with all the tools when healthy. A great addition in my estimation. I was always surprised MLS teams in places like DC or LA never gave Canizalez a look considering he had loads of potential, was young enough to count as a YI (don't believe that is the case any longer - as if I recall he was born in 1982) and has a Salvadoran background, which is an important asset in those markets. Perhaps his German teams commanded too much for his rights.


jordan said...

hartley seems to be a player from south africa and played in france malaysia and south africa

Anonymous said...

jp piques the young goalie had a steller game apparently stopping a blast going top hand corner, i was told by an uncle of mine who was present at the camp.