Saturday, February 17, 2007


Interesting interview by one of the foremost soccer writers in the USA, New York based Michael Lewis, with Red Bulls keeper coach Des McAleenan. The interview has some informative information regarding the Toronto keeper situation and Jon Conway.

Relevant Toronto FC Summary from Des McAleenan Interview:
"Since the Red Bulls signed Rimando 10 days ago, there has been a ton of speculation that Conway would be traded for a forward. One possibility had Conway going to Toronto FC for forward Alecko Eskandarian. Former Red Bulls coach Mo Johnston coaches the expansion team."I will go on the record that Mo would take Jon in the morning," McAleenan said. "Mo likes him a lot. . . . I think the league has not been very kind to Mo, in terms of the kind of constraints they have put on him. Mo would have to (use) a foreign spot for a goalkeeper."
Waterreus reportedly will make $135,000 this season. Conway, a career backup, made a guaranteed salary of $48,250 last season. Rimando earned a guaranteed salary of $102,800 in 2006, but took a cut to join the Red Bulls.
Teams cannot afford to give two of their starting goalkeepers a decent living. In this league, how it works -- I'm not going to give you the figures -- starting goalkeeper between 100 and 200 at the very top. and that's it, max. And then what they like to do is to fill in the blanks with a guy, if they can, if he's fantastic, that guy is under 50. When you start to move up, then it gets tricky.
If Mo's guy goes down in Canada, he's in big trouble. He tells me he has no goalkeepers. He has only one -- (Greg) Sutton. If Sutton gets hurt, then Mo is in a whole world of pain."Toronto isn't the only team in trouble."

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