Saturday, March 3, 2007


Quick breakdown with some Toronto implications: Canada made off well in my estimation with Austria, Chile & Congo. Our American friends are in what looks to be the toughest group, together with Brazil, Poland & Korea. Not a great draw for Toronto in terms of ethnic interest & tourism (aside from Portugal). The Mexican population is rather small here, yet there may be more than a few Mexicans living across the border in New York State, Michigan etc., willing to take the short drive north to support their team. The first game will be interesting and will have Canada face a quality opponent. It also worked out well that the Mexico -Portugal game fell where it did. The game originally scheduled for Toronto, and relocated (lost) to Montreal pits Portugal & Gambia. Fitting that Austria gets a game in Toronto as well, with the Stronach empire based here. Billionaire Frank Stronach has been very active in Austrian soccer over the years.

Toronto First Round Games:
July 1st: Canada vs. Chile
July 2nd: Portugal vs. New Zealand & Gambia vs. Mexico
July 5th: New Zealand vs. Gambia & Mexico vs. Portugal
July 8th: Chile vs. Austria

As for the round of 16, Toronto is in line to get 2 games, the first featuring the winner from Group D (Brazil perhaps) July 11th, & the second the winner from Group E (Argentina perhaps) July 12th.

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