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According to the following report, Chinese defender Yao Lijun will be on trial with the LA Galaxy of Major League Soccer.

With all the requests I received for more information on Xu Qing - the player from China who was on trial with Toronto FC at the beginning of February, I thought it would be fitting that I'd post some info I found on his situation today.

After his one week trial in Toronto, Xu Qing returned home, and celebrated the Chinese New Year. While Toronto FC moved to their Ft. Lauderdale Spring training camp, Qing found himself back home, quietly preparing for the new Chinese league season. Qing was registered by his club side Wuhan, for the new Chinese Super League season in late February. The 2007 season began on Saturday. From what I can make of the translated text, Qing's ambition is to play abroad. The young Chinese player may still be looking to head elsewhere in the near future, either on loan or on a permanent basis, perhaps back to try out for another MLS team.

By all media accounts in the Chinese press, the Toronto coaching staff were very positive on Qing. One report quoted the coaching staff as saying TFC would have signed him right away had he counted as a domestic player. From what I saw of him myself, I would suggest at worst Qing could have been a long term project. So, what ever happened to Qing, if the coaching staff apparently liked him so much?

Here are a few possible explanations derived from a series of translated articles on the topic. Any of the following scenarios could be possible in my estimation:
- Toronto FC did not believe Qing justified a Youth international spot at this time
- Toronto realized it had an abundance of forwards with Conor Casey, Abbe Ibrahim, and Andrea Lombardo, on the way. Qing therefore, would have been surplus to requirements.
- A transfer fee may have been in play. A fee for an unproven player his age was not likely to happen.
- Qing's salary & compensation package, exceeded the realities of MLS.

Anyway here are some relevant, translated articles I used to base my assumptions on why Qing wasn't signed. Again these articles have been translated by google - not the best way to figure out what was being written - but worth a read if your interested.

Taken from an article from February 28th: Notes : this is the first established in Wuhan Optical Valley of the aid team, the four expatriates were from Brazil, Jiaosen Vicente 2005 season with the potential to become the main force in Wuhan. Ralph Waldo Emerson, a new partnership this season compared with Bruno. 21. Xu Qing, although the club on the 21st registered in Wuhan, but he is still playing the American League, can be leased back to the end of team effectiveness.

Jingchu network news
(Sports Weekly) (Xinhua) :
Feng morning on the 13th. North American Professional League in the latest edition of the Toronto International team, young Han Qing Xu returned to the home. The latest edition, in the next two weeks, Xu Qing won the favor of an international coach, who publicly expressed keenness to join Xu Qing. However, foreign aid ended, Xu Qing Liuyang, there is still a big obstacle.

Qing's guide to a good start in the first three goals independence boosts competition, the team coach with admiration. Since the debut performance, Xu Qing more in the next match to be going to the battlefield, he said, A fleet competition every day, every other day, fighting with other teams warm up match. Xu Qing partic ipated in the eight games, scoring are commonplace. ”Team coach of the Toronto International Xu Qing high evaluation : "He was a very distinctive feature, a strong shot but also technology and speed is a very promising forwards. "

North American professional team is this year's Toronto International Alliance of the New Army, in a long club season with a good performance. Therefore, clubs in a world-wide search for a guide players have only four forwards aid Competing online. In addition, Xu Qing, a German, two French players and players.

Although favored by the other coach, it's still great difficulty in Liuyang Xu Qing. According to the North American professional league, a team can only have three foreign players. Xu Qing in the latest edition, the ownership of three foreign aid has ended, and signed a contract. If other options Xu Qing, it is necessary to terminate and other foreign aid and pay damages. New Army for a North American, not easy to make such a decision. Xu Qing also very sensible : "I have watched my strength demonstrated to the other, whether or not to join without me. "

Hejia from North America, Xu Qing run very hard in the winter. He called yesterday's press liaison, he is busy Daoshicha. He told reporters : "Recently too tired, just want to make a few adjustments in the state, quiet New Year. then full preparation for the new season. "As the European transferring windows closed, Xu Qing, would not go abroad in the latest edition of the Spring Festival.

February 14, 2007 01 Changjiang Daily
(Reporter KE) yesterday, Xu Qing return to the Toronto team experimental Wuhan. Wuhan team after two days of rest, he will return to training.
January 30, Xu pointing out the way to Toronto, Canada to begin a two-week experimental. In Toronto, the arrival of Xu Qing attracted much attention. “Good”。While competition in the first stage boosts teaching hat tricks, making Toronto chief Jessen ASR "Good." ζ£®Then, he competitions attack in a connection, it is even more firm in Toronto chief Xu Qing direct sign of determination Jessen-the only question is whether we can persuade club.
Xu Qing, said in an interview with our reporter, "I can only try to express themselves. However, I can not about the results. "As we understand it, the problem is there are five clubs in Toronto native Vocational Alliance declared only three foreign aid (OAS membership is not the players within the aid places) As their contracts have not expired, Xu Qing to sign the non-payment of a very large sum. Xu Qing join Toronto and now he has little strength. This is the major clubs are willing to spend money to buy Xu Qing.

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