Wednesday, January 17, 2007


If your keeping track I have speculated on Denzil Theobald of Trinidad (my suggestion), Jacek Bak of Poland (linked through Mo's New York days and theoires floating on other blogs), Dwight Yorke of Trinidad (Mo's visit to Sunderland + GOL TV report), and now Martin Andresen (fits description). That said I do not have confirmation about any of these players.

I can safely assume however that Fabio Cannavaro, Alessandro Del Piero, and Barry Fergusson are not coming anytime soon. I say this only because after reading through emails on this topic I've received, I realize that many readers are too optimistic in their expectations. While the David Beckham signing coupled with the talk about Ronaldo, Edgar Davids and even Robbie Fowler has created new levels of expectation from fans unfamiliar with MLS, I caution you as a long time follower of this league to be realistic in your expectations. Sir Mo has made it clear that the signing won't be a big name and this league can be won without big name players on a roster. Toronto FC will be the first MLS team to enter into the MLS without some sort of "high profile gimmick" player singing.

Of course history shows Canadians on an MLS roster is all that is required towards MLS Cup success - Alex Bunbury (KC Wizards), Geoff Aunger (DCU), Pat Onstad (San Jose/Houston), Dwayne De Rosario (San Jose/Houston), Adrian Serioux (Houston).

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